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You can get free support on stopping smoking during the coronavirus in Liverpool as experts warn smokers are at greater risk


What about smoking and coronavirus? Evidence from China shows smokers are more at risk from coronavirus, here’s the latest advice on how to break the habit from Smoke Free Liverpool.

Smokers face a greater risk from coronavirus and may also be chancing with the welfare of their loved ones, Public Health England has warned. 

Professor John Newton, Public Health England’s director of health, said that in light of the “unprecedented” pandemic sweeping the globe, “there has never been a more important time to stop smoking, not only for your own health but to protect those around you”.

PHE said that smoking can cause damage to the lungs and airways, and Covid-19 attacks the respiratory system.

Officials also point to a “small but highly impactful” survey from China which finds that smokers with Covid-19 are 14 times more likely to develop severe disease.

The study looked at the factors which led to the progression of Covid-19 pneumonia in patients at three hospitals in Wuhan, in the Hubei province of China, where the first cases of coronavirus were detected late last year.

A “history of smoking” was among the factors which were identified by the study which took place between December 30 last year and January 15.

Smoke Free Liverpool is a free service for smokers in our area who want to quit the habit. You can get free advice and tips from their website here. Watch an interview we filmed before the pandemic with Amy from Smoke Free Liverpool, and get her top tips on stopping below.

Smoke Free Liverpool was commissioned by Liverpool City Council to provide a free programme of behavioural support combined with up to 12 weeks’ worth of products to help you quit smoking.

They offer a choice of support so that you can build a tailored package to help you become smoke free.

Due to coronavirus face to face appointments have been cancelled but you can still get advice and support over the phone or through their online chat service.

Visit Smoke Free Liverpool’s website here.

The elimination of carbon monoxide from the body is among the immediate benefits of quitting smoking.

People should find that their lungs start to clear out mucus and other smoking debris, PHE says.

Breathing becomes easier as bronchial tubes begin to relax after 72 hours of quitting smoking and blood circulation improves, making physical activity like walking and running easier within 12 weeks of giving up the habit.

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