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You can help shape the future of Birkenhead


Wirral’s main town is at key moment in its history the borough’s regeneration chief explained today – and there is still time to have your say on its future.

The Birkenhead 2040 Framework outlines the vast scale of the ambitious proposals to revitalise Birkenhead and show how it could meet the needs of everyone who lives in, works in and cares about the town.

An eight-week consultation has been taking place on this Framework and everyone with a stake in the future of Birkenhead is being urged to get involved and comment on the plans, give their ideas and tell us what they think the town needs to succeed in the future.

This chance to be involved in how the town develops in the coming years continues until May 19.

Director of Regeneration and Place for Wirral Council, Alan Evans, said: “Birkenhead now faces a once in a generation opportunity to bring in major investment to build more and better homes, rethink the town centre to make it work for retailers and residents alike and attract inward investment to bring new jobs and opportunities for young people.

“The proposals being put forward would go a long way to achieving much of this – but it cannot be done without the help of those who have a stake in the town’s future.

Birkenhead Town Hall Picture – Philip Brookes /

“From those who live, work or even just pass through Birkenhead – we have a lots of great, ambitious ideas being put forward on how it can be made a truly desirable place to live – now and for future generations.

“Birkenhead is facing a crossroads. This is a crucial time for determining the future of the town.

“What we need now is for everyone to join in and put forward their ideas and thoughts on the proposals.”

You can find out more and take part in the consultation using our online portal, where there is the full Birkenhead 2040 Framework document, or for those who want a shorter version there is a Summary document.

In addition, the website includes a short video explainer as well as a questionnaire which will allow you to tell us what you think of this vision, if you have more ideas, or if you would like to get involved. Consultation continues until Wednesday May 19.

View the documents and take part in the consultation here

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