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You need to read this thank you letter from a little girl who’s nan was treated at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre


Get ready for your heart to be officially warmed and your eyes to well up. A school girl has written a very special thank you letter to staff at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.

In the moving note, eight year old Maddy Critchley said she had been inspired to become a nurse after seeing the care given to her grandmother Tina Rich.

Tina, from Woodchurch in Wirral, was diagnosed with breast cancer in October last year and received bother chemotherapy and radiotherapy at the specialist treatment centre.

Maddy, a pupil at St Michael and All Angels RC school in Woodchurch, wrote to staff to say: “You have inspired me because I want to be a nurse when I’m older. I want to be like you and help people get better.”

Tina, 54, said her family had been a rock since her diagnosis, crediting Maddy and her other grandchildren Lewis, six, and three year old Essie with helping her keep a smile on her face during treatment.

She has recently returned to work as a drug and alcohol counsellor following a successful mastectomy operation on her right breast, along with the chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Tina said: “Family is what has kept me going. The children, their mum Ellen and my other daughter Becky and son Danny have been wonderful, along some really good friends. It was lovely if I was feeling a bit down and one of the grandkids came to cuddle up to me.

“I have been open and honest with them throughout my journey and I am sure that has helped us all cope with everything and stopped them from being frightened.

“Maddy is very sensitive and was upset when I had my hair shaved. I knew I was going to lose it during my chemotherapy treatment so took the decision to have it shaved. I told her it was my way of being in control rather than the cancer controlling me.

Essie, Tina, Lewis and Maddy

“After I was told the treatment had been a success, Maddy said she wanted to be a nurse so she can save people’s lives. It’s lovely to hear her say that.”

Tina went to her local doctor after experiencing pain in her right arm and noticing changes in her breast.

She had six chemotherapy treatments to shrink the tumour before surgery that was followed by radiotherapy.

She rang the end of treatment bell at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in Wirral with her children and Essie by her side and is now looking forward to the future.

Tina has been referred for reconstruction surgery and is considering a left breast mastectomy in the future but for now she is enjoying getting back to normality following her treatment.

She said: “I am just slowly getting back to normal and going back to work gradually. Having my family around me has kept me going. I am so proud of Maddy and her letter. I am proud of them all and the way they have coped with everything.”

Maddy’s letter in full

Dear Clatterbridge (the hospital that made my Nan better),

I just wanted to say thank you for making her better so fast.

You have inspired me because I want to be a nurse when I’m older. I want to be like you and help people get better.

I’m so happy Nan got the all clear and she’s got no more cancer.

All that’s left to do is both the operations and she’ll be all better.

I’m so glad she’s better.

Thank you.

From Maddy




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