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Zip World is now on the search for a new landing point in Liverpool


Zip World have reaffirmed their commitment to developing an exciting new adventure attraction in Liverpool and is now on the search for a new landing point.

The company, which operates a number of successful sites across the UK, say they are now planning to work closely with Liverpool City Council to identify possible new routes for the fastest urban zip line in Europe.

This update comes after Mayor Joe Anderson refused to support original plans which involved the use of Central Library.

Joe Anderson gav the following statement yesterday:

“ The Planning Committee is an independent group of councillors who have a quasi judicial role looking at the lawful application made by this company to operate a zip wire in this vicinity.

“The Committee agreed the planning officer’s recommendation and acted fairly and democratically in granting this application, despite what objectors say.

“As Mayor I do not interfere in the planning process. However, I do have the final decision on whether a building owned by the Council should be used in such a way.

“I have serious concerns about using this area, and having spoken to the company could not let them progress further, knowing I would not support it.

“I have today informed them that I will not give permission for any council owned building in this area to be used for the zip wire. They have accepted my position and we have mutually agreed to work together to identify an alternative option.

“I would like to thank Zip World for their co-operation and look forward to them working with us. Liverpool will always try and support imaginative ideas, especially those that can help us support businesses in difficult economic times.”

We spoke with Sean Taylor, owner of Zip World in July to find out why Liverpool was chosen for the attraction.

President and co-founder of Zip World, Sean Taylor, said:

“Liverpool is the capital of North Wales so it makes sense for us, as a company that is based in North Wales, to develop our next major attraction in the city. Nothing has changed about our commitment to Liverpool and we are looking forward to working with the City Council to identify potential new sites.

“All of us at Zip World respect the Mayor’s decision and we will work with him before submitting a fresh plan.

“We have had tremendous support from the business community and despite the background noise on social media, Zip World has a great deal of support from local people and families who want an exciting and established brand like ours in the city. We will be revising our plans so that Liverpool will experience the economic benefit, boost to tourism and job creation that an attraction like this will bring.

There is a big future for Zip World in Liverpool and we are excited for it.”

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