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10 books about Liverpool every Scouser needs in their lives


Whether it’s a gift, a great read, or a coffee table treasure, get leafing through Liverpool by page.

Here are 10 books that you need in your life if you’re a scouser…

1 – Secret Liverpool: An Unusual Guide – Mike Keating 

Discover the city’s lesser-known heritage and hidden history. Featuring 150 secret locations, you’ll find a treasure trove of historic hideaways, ancient ancestry, and meet some of the city’s unsung heroes. Featuring walking tours, take a wander into the city’s secrets and your lunch hour will never be a quick trip to the butty shop again.

Buy your copy here.

2 – Played in Liverpool: Charting the heritage of a city at play – Ray Physick

One for the sports fan who’s read everything. Played in Liverpool scores top marks as a fascinating insight into Liverpool’s rich sporting history. As part of English Heritage’s Played in Britain series, Ray Physick takes us on a tour of local sporting fixtures including Golf, Boxing, Football and Horse racing, and into the world of International Sport.

Buy your copy here.

3 – The Liverpool Art Book: The City Through the Eyes of its Artists – Emma Bennett

Our vibrant city has been inspiring artists for generations. This colourful collection of Merseyside masterpieces takes us from the city skyline, to iconic statues and mixed media, as we share the unique perspective of each artist. Featuring an Introduction by Sir Paul McCartney, this is an alluring addition to any self-respecting coffee table. 

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4 – There She Goes: Liverpool, A City on its Own: The Long Decade: 1979-1993 – Simon Hughes.

Liverpool Journalist, Simon Hughes, takes us across the shifting tides of Liverpool’s ever-changing fortunes. From our golden era as one of the wealthiest ports in the British Empire, to Thatcher’s ‘managed decline’ of the city, this inspired depiction of the city’s resurgence will make you proud to be a Scouser.

Buy your copy here.

5 – Scouse Pop: Popular Music History – Paul Skillen

Scouse Pop explores the personalities behind some of the most successful Liverpool bands of the 70s and 80s. During this intense period of creative outpouring, Paul Skillen charts the teenage dreams of so-to-be international icons, producing an aptly romantic and insightful offering.

Buy your copy here.

6 – Haunted Liverpool series – Tom Slemen

The Haunted Liverpool series takes you on hellish investigations at the heart of the city’s horrifying history. Entitled by postcode, and including specialist spookiness including Pubs, Christmas and Halloween, discover Liverpool’s supernatural stories, as curated by local aficionado, Tom Slemen.

Buy your copy here.

7 – World Film Locations: Liverpool – Jez Conolly & Caroline Whelan

Explore Liverpool’s cinematic profile with this fascinating insight into our city on the big screen.

From the first moving pictures ever captured by The Lumière Brothers in 1897, though the city’s many historical incarnations, no other city outside London ever caught the eye of Hollywood’s elite, quite like ours. 

Buy your copy here.

8 – 111 Places in Liverpool That You Shouldn’t Miss – Peter de Figueiredo & Julian Treuherz

Billed as the ultimate insider’s guide, prepare to be surprised by your own city. Part of the 111 Places/111 Shops series, this fully illustrated homage promises an eye-opening account of the bars, bakehouses, parks and panoramic views, which encompass the Liverpool lifestyle.

Buy your copy here.

9 – Liverpool: Wondrous Place – From the Cavern to the Capital of Culture – Paul Du Noyer

Rock journalist and Liverpool lad, Paul Du Noyer’s celebrated book on the musical history of his hometown. Citing the city as not just a place where music happens, but the reason music happens, with a foreword from Sir Paul McCartney, Du Noyer taps into the energy behind Liverpool’s creative impulse.

Buy your copy here.

10 – Liverpool in 50 Buildings – Ian Collard

Wirral’s Ian Collard shows us why things are always looking up in Liverpool. From The Liver Building to Liverpool Town Hall, Lime Street Station to Nº 62 Rodney Street, discover the architectural treasures that made Liverpool a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2004.

Buy your copy here.

Our ten books are also available to purchase or order from bookstores. 

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