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10 Disney Films everyone needs to watch whilst staying at home

4 years ago

By The Guide Liverpool

10 Disney Films everyone needs to watch whilst staying at home

With the new Disney+ app launch and us all having more time on our hands than a princess locked up the tower, there’s only one thing to do – WATCH A LOAD OF DISNEY FILMS!

Disney films are perfect for this situation – classic story-telling, incredible effects, and unforgettable characters are just some of the reasons you’re never too old.

The new Disney+ app has had Liverpool covered over the past few days with new movies like Lady & the Tramp, Avengers End Game and Toy Story 4, plus classic box sets like Duck Tales and Gummi Bears all available.

So get stuck into the dressing up box, gather round the telly, and prepare to laugh, cry and sing your socks off with the very best from Uncle Walt Disney, from amazing animation to unforgettable film franchises for all ages…

1 – The Toy Story movies

We’re filling up already because the Toy Story series are Disney movies at their most magical. The voice of Tom Hanks as Woody along with astronaut Buzz Lightyear, cowgirl Jessie, and the rest of the gang from Andy’s toy box, ask what happens when we grow up and forget about the feelings of the toys we used to love. But it’s not all about crying your leg off, the Toy Story films include smart storylines and lots of laughter to take us right back to childhood with new characters like Keanu Reeves as stuntman Duke Caboom in latest instalment, Toy Story 4!

Meet Duke Caboom here

2 – Zootropolis

Zootropolis is a world where humans don’t exist! Animals are brought to life with voices including Jason Bateman as red fox, Nick Wilde, and hold regular jobs like police officer Judy Hopps, a rabbit who fulfills her childhood dream of joining the Zootopia police force. Zootroplis shows, in a world of different skills, speeds and sizes, we’re not all that different from our four-legged friends after all, in this dry-humoured Disney adventure with a clever social conscience!

Watch the trailer here

3 – Moana 

Travel to far-off islands and sail off the sofa with Moana, a Polynesian chief’s brave, teenage daughter who sets off across Disney’s beautifully animated oceans. This fiesty Disney princess goes on an action-packed voyage to save her homeland by returning a magical stone to an island goddess. Along the way, we meet hilarious demigod, Maui, voiced by Dwayne Johnson, who helps Moana battle the odds against underwater monsters in this vibrant, musical adventure that’s way better than a blow-dart in the butt!

Watch the trailer here

4 – The Lion King

You might still need to check out the real-life animals cleverly cast in the 2019 release, but we wouldn’t want you to forget where it all began with the original 90s classic! Simba, the gorgeous little lion cub, will have you in tears quicker than you can sing Hakuna Matata. Chased from his kingdom, Simba finds new friends and faces his painful past with an incredible soundtrack of award-winning numbers from Elton John, and bringing younger viewers their first lesson in the circle of life. An absolute blub-fest, but well worth it.

Watch the original trailer here

5 – Frozen & Frozen II

C’mon, you know the words by now, because these spectacular, snow-bound movies became instant classics. Anna heads off to find her sister, Elsa, the Snow Queen, with help from mountain man, Kristoff, his reindeer Sven, and the funny snowman, Olaf, to break the icy spell that’s trapped Elsa’s kingdom in a freezing-cold, never-ending winter. And in part two, we find out all about where Elsa’s magical powers come from, as the gang defrost on another dangerous journey!

Sing-a-long to Let It Go here

6 – Tarzan

It can’t all be about those pretty Disney princesses. Prepare for good old-fashioned story-telling with a sharp script, and the classic Disney-combo of romance, adventure and comedy, with a soundtrack belted out by Phil Collins! A small boy tragically orphaned by shipwrecked parents, is raised by Kala, a female ape. Tarzan grows up to wonder why he doesn’t look like the other animals, including his hilarious gorilla friend, Terk, until he meets Jane, voiced by Minnie Driver, but will he choose to leave behind the only life he’s ever known?

Watch the trailer here

8 – The Jungle Book

A remake even better than the original? We’re saying, yep! Take classic sing-a-long numbers The Bare Necessities and I Wanna Be Like You, mix in an epic jungle setting with incredibly captured real-life animals, a cute-as-the-cartoon, Mowgli, and voices including Idris Elba as evil tiger Shere Khan, Scarlett Johansson as hissing snake Kaa, and Bill Murray as everyone’s favourite laidback bear, Baloo, and you’ve got the bare necessities of Disney at it’s very best.

Watch the trailer here

9 – The Beverley Hills Chihuahua trilogy

Fancy some cute doggy comedy with a dash of Disney? Welcome to the greatest Chihuahua trilogy ever made! Our Beverley Hills Chihuahua, Chloe, voiced by Drew Barrymore, begins life with owner, Jamie Lee Curtis, before getting dognapped in Mexico, where she relies on Delgado, a lonely German shepherd, and new love interest, Papi, to help get her home. Follow the next instalments as Chloe and Papi have puppies and set out on their new adventure – perfect for pet lovers and ideal to watch with your pooch!

Watch the trailer here

10 – The Pirates of the Caribbean series

Based on the Disney theme-park ride, when Johnny Depp joined Disney as bottle-swigging, reckless Rock ’n’ Roll pirate Jack Sparrow, he had dad’s everywhere grabbing the guy-liner, and a legendary franchise was born! There’s now six films in the series, bringing us the perfect excuse to shiver our timbers over the next six weeks, with a cast including Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley and Penelope Cruz, set for supernatural myths and swashbuckling high-sea adventures!

Watch the trailers for the whole franchise here

Who’s on the couch? Who ate all the ice cream? And what’s your favourite Disney soundtrack? Share pics of your Disney couch crew and dress-up pics @TheGuideLpool


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