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10 Liverpool facts you probably didn’t know


By Natasha Ferguson

When it comes to Liverpool, there are loads of facts about the city’s history, some lesser known than others.

Ask any Liverpool da and he’ll be able to tell you that the Liver Birds are called Bertie and Bella; Bella watches out for the sailors over the water while Bertie watches over the city to see if the pubs are open!

Next time he reels that off, hit him with some of these Liverpool facts we bet even he doesn’t know…

St Nicks along the strand has a golden ship on the top of its spire but did you know that ship has a name?

Liverpool Facts

It’s called “The Richard Donnelly” after a ship that set sail from our famous port and promptly sank. This is where the phrase “When Donnelly docks” or “When Dick docks” that you may have heard your nan use at one time or another. It’s basically our version of “When pigs fly” because that ship ain’t never gonna dock.

The Chinese Arch in our Chinatown (one of the oldest Chinese settlements in Europe by the way, on account of us being an important port city) was a gift from Shanghai

Liverpool Facts

It came over to us in 7 pieces and features over 200 dragons, including 12 pregnant one (signifying wealth). It’s the largest arch outside of China. Side note, while we’re on Shanghai, we are twinned with them and if you look at the shanghai waterfront, it might look a little bit familiar!

The Titanic has big Liverpool links

Credit: Anton Ivonov/ Shuttertsock

It never visited here, it wasn’t built here but the white star line offices were here and so the word Liverpool was imprinted on its gigantic (titanic) arse and anyone who’s seen the 1997 film of the same name will know that; BUT did you know, the inspiration for the grand staircase of the Titanic was taken from our very own town hall on Castle Street? Here’s me off for a visit to live out my Jack and Rose fantasy.

The oldest Grand Central railway station in the world still in use?

Liverpool Facts

Our very own Lime Street of course.

Walk along Church Street and about halfway between River Island and Primark keep a close eye on the ground

You’ll find an ornate stone with a golden cross in the middle. This was in fact the site of the alter of the “Church” that lent its name to our busiest shopping street.

It’s sort of common knowledge now that the captain of the Titanic lived on Marine Crescent in Waterloo (see I told you we had loads of Titanic links) but did you know he lived there twice?

Credit: Ruby Musa/historianruby.com

At some point he lived in both number 4 and number 17, with a brief stint away in between, and he lived there until his death in 1912. While we’re on it, the Ismays (owners of the White Star Line) lived a little further down the road in one of the mansions on Beach Lawn. Blue Plaques to spare that street.

The world’s first EVER medical officer was a guy from Liverpool called… Dr Duncan

Liverpool Facts

Yes, the one the pub is named after. It gets even weirder because he was born in The Raz (aka The Blue Angel) albeit when it was a house and not a student party haunt. Look up next time you go and spot the blue plaque.

The areas between Duke Street and Bold Street are known as the Ropewalks

That’s because they were long enough to lay out all the rigging from the ships!

Kirkdale used to have a beach

Long before the docks were expanded, the Victorians loved a good old bit of promenading (a posh walk-in fancy clothes I think?) and they loved nothing more than to do it along our coastline which at the time wasn’t just confined to the Crosby to Southport stretch. People used to visit Kirkdale in the 18th and 19th centuries for a good old dip in the sea!

While we’re in the area, Stanley Park used to have an outdoor swimming pool!

Liverpool Facts

Credit: Liverpool in black n white on Facebook

We swear it’s true! It was there until at least the late 50’s so yer da (or certainly your nan) will probably be able to confirm!

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