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10 tips for making a Christmas wreath from Allerton’s Booker Flowers


It’s time to deck the halls and get the tree up and, let’s face it, after the year we’ve had, we’re all keen to get into that festive spirit and with this Christmas Wreath making guide from Booker Flowers you can!

Putting up the lights and hanging everything with tinsel will certainly do the trick, and there’s a finishing touch we’ve all grown to love – and that’s the Christmas wreath on the front door.

“Wreaths are becoming even more popular,” says Gemma Wakerley, owner of Booker Flowers in Allerton.

While you can buy a wreath, you can also make your own. And, as with everything else at this time of year, it makes it so much more special.

Booker Flowers runs floristry courses throughout the year, and at Christmas they offer wreath making classes too.

“What has changed for us this year is that we are doing our lessons online because of Covid and lockdown,” adds Gemma. “But people like to make them, put them up and then photograph them to show them on social media.”

A virtual wreath-making class through LIDS with Booker Flowers costs £40 and, for that, you will be sent all the flowers and materials you need in a DIY Kit plus a link to watch a virtual step-by-step class with Bookers’ talented Fleur, so you can create your very own Christmas wreath.

Order your wreath-making kit from LIDS here.

And, to help you further, we asked Gemma for her top 10 wreath-making tips to make sure yours is festive and fabulous:

Top 10 wreath-making tips 

1. Roll the moss into a sausage before binding it to the wreath to get a good shape and even coverage.

2. Have a go at using different foliages from your garden to introduce different colours and textures, herbs such as rosemary and eucalyptus also add fragrance.

3. Once you know the wiring technique you can apply this to add other items to your wreaths to match your theme.

4. For an unusual organic look introduce fresh fruits and vegetables.

5. Hang a special decoration so that it hangs in the centre and so is framed by the wreath.

6. For extra twinkles add LED seed lights.

7. If your holly does not have lots of berries you can use mini crab apples.

8. Enjoy making your wreath with a friend over Zoom.

9. To add a bit of fun, have a competition with your friends on social media, to see whose is voted the best, and always…

10. HAVE FUN – ‘and drink lots of Prosecco to give you Christmas cheer’ while you’re making it!

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