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10 tips on how to please your Scouse bloke this Valentine’s Day courtesy of Scouse Bird Blogs

2 years ago

10 tips on how to please your Scouse bloke this Valentine’s Day courtesy of Scouse Bird Blogs

Love is officially in the air in Liverpool with restaurants filled with loved-up couples, cinemas showing the best rom-coms and hotels across the city ready to turn up the heat for Valentine’s Day 2022.

But are you pleasing your other half the right way? The formidable Scouse Bird Blogs has been dishing out the advice this Valentine’s Day whether its top tips on how to please your very own Scouse Bird (read them here), or the best guidance on how to keep your Scouse fella happy.

Read on to find out how you can give your man the best Valentine’s Day he’s ever had.

By Scouse Bird Blogs

To be honest men are simple creatures and I could probably just make this nice and easy by making this list 10 times a certain sexual act but let’s pretend for one second that men are a bit more complicated. Here are 10 ways to impress your fella this Valentines…

1. Do literally anything – There’s a reason men invented steak and blow job day on the 14th of March; it’s because Valentine’s is seen as a holiday for females but there’s no reason why we can’t get romantic for our other half. In fact you and I both know we do it better than them anyway. So by doing literally anything lovey dovey for him you’re already way out in front.

2. Give him a girly pamper. Sure this might not be one that he’ll brag to his friends about but he’ll deffo love it on the sly. Run him a bath, light some candles get him a face mask, a nice bath bomb and let him chill for an hour. He’ll feel reborn and bonus, he might be a bit more understanding in future as to why you like to spend 3 hours in the bath.

3. Get him a present. It doesn’t have to be flowers and novelty Valentine’s underwear (there’s no way he can fill that horses head thong anyway). But by all means get him the new PlayStation game that he’s been after. Besides it’ll give you some peace and quiet at a future date so really it’s a present for you.

4. Make him his favourite meal. Maybe he’s planning on taking you out for Valentine’s night (so he should) but there’s no reason why on, or around that all important date that you can’t set the table at home with candles and rose petals and make him his favourite dinner and dessert.

5. Give him a foot massage. Sure his feet may be grotty and he hasn’t seen a pedicure since his Ma clipped his nails when he was two, which is why he’ll appreciate it all the more… and who knows he might even return the favour.

6. Let him choose what you watch on Netflix. You know he secretly loves the Gilmore girls, he knows you know he secretly loves the Gilmore girls but just this once, because it’s a special occasion let him choose the latest Marvel film… is that what men watch these days?? Let him have this one.

7. Order your own chips when you’re out. I know it’s tradition that he orders a side of chips for himself and you steal 90% of them but seeing as it’s a special occasion let him have his own portion and order your own.

8. Make him a packed lunch for work. Not just a bog standard dairy-lea butty and a packet of crisps but a really nice, well thought out, Tik Tok worthy packed lunch. This works in the same way as sending flowers to your work, it’ll make his co-workers jealous that he has such an amazing bird and as he’s sitting eating his lunch he can bask in the glory of how much you care.

9. Send nudes (ish).  You know we hate an unsolicited penis pic but men are visual creatures and the same can’t be said for them. Maybe send him a cheeky snap in that Valentine’s underwear he got for you just before he finishes work so that he knows what’s waiting for him when he gets home.

10. Spoon him. You know the delights that come from being the little spoon. Let him feel it this time and you go big spoon.

If all else fails you can always do that thing he always asks for that you said you’d never do 👀

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