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11 Of the best 1997 movies to watch this weekend (yep they’re 20 years old)


Yeah Baby! Prepare to feel absolutely ancient as we reveal the best 1997 films to watch this Autumn.

It’s been 20 years since girl power hit the big screen as Spice World was premiered in the UK with a royal seal of approval. There’s been special screenings of this now, cult film across Odeon and Showcase cinemas this week to mark the momentous 20th anniversary and 90’s fans went all out to celebrate, dressing up and singing along with to epic hits such as ‘2 become 1’, ‘Say You’ll be There’ and ‘Wannabee’.

I’ll never let go……

1997 was an incredible year for film, with Disney, Fox and DC getting in on the big screen action alongside some unforgettable performances from our favourite Hollywood actors including George Clooney, Will Smith, Kate Winslet and Julia Roberts. Fancy a cosy night in with some munchies from Home & Bargain and a boss ’97 film? Luckily for you we’ve had a little reminisce and put together this handy list of amazing films that are now 20 years old. Seriously, Titanic came out twenty years ago….but we’re still working out why Rose didn’t just move over on that floating door to let Jack on?

Here’s 10 of the best 1997 films (and one absolute stinker) to watch this Autumn….

1 – Titanic

We’re still holding on Jack, unlike Rose who gave it less than a minute before she was blowing that whistle and moving on! Sheesh. Leo DeCaprio and Kate Winslet we’re just made for these iconic roles and our local connection with Titanic and it’s tragic yet captivating story has made this a Hollywood blockbuster to watch again and again.

2 – The Fifth Element

Not gonna lie, we had to watch this wacky film twice before we truly got what was going on, but the Hollywood A-list line up, including Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman and Mila Jovovich coupled with the futuristic set and mad soundtrack make this 97 release a keeper. If you haven’t tried to sing the Diva Plavalaguna opera aria, you’re not a true fan!

3 – Hercules


Who put the glad in Gladiator? Yep Disney smashed it out the park again in 1997 with Hercules, full of amazing songs, hilarious characters and brilliant female lead, Meg. This heart warming story has given us tonnes of memorable memes too…..What are thoooseeeeee?

4 – Con Air

The legend that is Nicholas Cage makes his first appearance on our run down in the equally legendary action film, Con Air. With stellar performances from John Malkovich, John Cusack and Steve Buscemi to name just a few, and a phenomenal Las Vegas finale, this tale of bad boys, a big ass plane and retribution just never gets old.

5 – Men in Black

If you can even say the title of this film without singing the song, you prob don’t remember when it was released. The hysteria, the CGI, the soundtrack and Will Smith looking fiiiiiiiine in a well cut suit, yep, it was an instant hit. From its comic book origin to the big screen this mega 1990’s film and its one-liners never gets old.

6 – Batman & Robin

Okay, here’s your 1997 stinker, and we’re not being mean, Batman actor, George Clooney actually apologised for this portrayal as the DC superhero on Graham Norton! Introducing Arnie as Freeze, Alicia Silverstone as Bat Girl and Chris O’Donnell as Robin was maybe just a step too far. Although in all fairness, Uma Thurman’s portrayal as Poison Ivy was amazing!

7 – Austin Powers International Man of Mystery

1997 got all kinds of sexy when the first instalment of Austin Powers hit out cinema screens. Featuring Elizabeth Hurley and so many hysterical and risqué sequences, Mike Myers smashed this out-dated, in-pc super spy role so well, we couldn’t help but love him. That 3 point turn though and Machine gun jubblys?! Go on, stick the dvd on and give it your best YEAH BABY!

8 – Face Off

Easily one of the best action films of 1997 has to be Face Off. Two certified Hollywood legends, Nick Cage and John Travolta go head to head (literally) and swap identities to settle an old cop Vs bad guy score. Nick’s role in this film is simply brilliant and again has led to countless memes that we’re still buzzing about now. Not seen it? Stick it on this weekend.

9 – Liar Liar

Ever farted in a lift and been dying to shout ‘It was MEEEEEEE’ afterwards? Yeah Jim Carrey had a field day filming 97 family film, Liar Liar. The outtakes are almost as good as the feature film itself to be honest. Every Carrey fan loves this flick, his incredible ability to basically just go off on one and goof around is ever present, and makes this story of family, loyalty and love, one we’d actually buy on dvd.

10 – My Best Friends Wedding

Just in case you haven’t seen this belter of a chic flick, rom com, we’re not going to give the plot away, but this really is a must see if you’re into that genre. Friends and crushers Julianne and Michael made a bit of a pact that if they weren’t settled down by the age of 28, they’d marry each other. Yep, one of them ruins it and the story is all kinds of awesome!

11 – I Know What You Did Last Summer

How many of these films were made in the end? Like three? How much can you actually get up to in one summer? Anyway, slasher flick, I Know What you Did Last Summer, starring the darlings of 90’s Hollywood, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr, Jennifer Love Hewitt and other people with three names, is based on a novel by Lois Duncan and made us all a little bit more wary of figures in yellow rain hats and coats. Waaaaaahhh!

What’s your favourite 90’s film? Difficult one that isn’t it? Send us your top 5! Tweet us @TheGuideLpool or message us on Facebook here and we’ll share the best on our socials.



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