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15 of our favourite quotes about the city of Liverpool


Here at The GuideLiverpool, we can’t stop talking about how great our city is, and sometimes we like to remind ourselves, we’re in great company.

Jodie Comer

“Liverpudlians have an amazing sense of humour, and they’re very loyal and warm. All my family and friends are there, so when I’m not filming, I like to go back and catch up with everyone. We’re a very close family.”

Sir Paul McCartney

“I go back to Liverpool, I really like the earthiness: ‘A’right Paul? I don’t like that jacket, where d’yer get that?’ I’m comfortable there, I’m not as happy when it’s, ‘Hello Paul, really super jacket. From Paul Smith’s?’ I just don’t seem to get on as well with those people.”

Kim Cattrall

“My parents were a huge influence – they were Scousers, real grafters. Dad was always telling me, ‘You can do anything.’ So I grew up thinking that if he believed in me, I could do whatever I put my mind to. I like to think my honesty is the Liverpudlian in me.”

John Lennon

“A good place to wash your hair, Liverpool. Good soft water.”

Vivienne Westwood

“Liverpool people are famous for liking clothes and fashion; they are very social and lively people, and we know they like clothes.”

Noel Gallagher

“Next up, was my spiritual home of Liverpool. Magnificent crowd. They never let you down those Scousers. While I’m at it, let me say I am writing this on the day THE TRUTH has finally been exposed about the Hillsborough disaster. Respect to all the families of the 96 for exposing the lies of Thatcher’s government. With hand on heart I salute you xxxxxx.”

Jeff Bridges

“I come from a family of teasers myself. My grandfather was from Liverpool, and he had a dry sense of humour, and he would tease us terribly.”


Patti Smith

“My father’s mother was from Liverpool and she had this very beautiful English china. I only wanted to drink my cocoa out of my grandmother’s cup and saucer.”


Alison Steadman

“Liverpool still feels like my home town though I haven’t lived here for many years. I’ve got a close connection with it and come back frequently. I love the dock, I love LiverpoolONE, all the regeneration that’s gone on.”

Samuel L Jackson

“I love Liverpool, the city. It’s actually great, I had a great time. God, it’s changed. The whole river front has changed and there’s loads of nice tapas restaurants. We found this amazing Chinese restaurant, too, which was right by where I was living, which was great.”

Noel Fielding

“They seem to get good comedy in Liverpool. They understand, they know it. And the crowd there is always pretty funny.” 

Mike Myers

“My parents were from Liverpool, emigrated to Canada. Our house was a shrine to Liverpool. I love the people, and I really do think it’s my home.” 


George Harrison

“Liverpool is full of the kind of people who go out on a Monday, and couldn’t care less about Tuesday morning.”


Carl Jung

“Liverpool is the pool of life. It makes to live.”

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