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21 things we learned from 90’s scary movies


Why did none of our favourite characters in 90’s scary movies seem to have any common sense?

Our favourite horror flicks from the 90s are many things, but they’re rarely called educational.

But we’re here to say that actually, there’s a whole lot that can be learned from horror movies. How many times has a character made an utterly ridiculous decision, causing you to start yelling at your telly?

90's scary movies

So to keep you on your toes, we’ve collected a list of everything we learned from 90’s scary movies. This Halloween: Watch your back.

1. Never answer the phone when you’re home alone.

2. Or the door, for that matter. It’s common sense – just try not to let strangers into your house, okay?

3. When a baddie is chasing you, never go up the stairs. There’s no escape up there, duh.

4. Please oh please, don’t walk into that creepily haunted-looking house/church/castle.

5. Graveyards are a no-no as well.

6. If they look like a baddie, they probably are. It’s as easy as that.

7. Don’t just stand there screaming in front of the bad guys when you could be doing something much more useful, like running away.

8. Don’t go camping. Ever.

9. Never go to investigate a suspicious sounding noise.

10. Don’t leave weapons lying about for anyone to pick up.

11. Never run towards a scream.

12. Creepy dolls and children are to be avoided at all costs.

13. Don’t use mirror cabinets.

14. Don’t be under the impression that all clowns are friendly.

15. Never leave anything on the hob because when disaster strikes, it’ll boil over and cause a terrible mess.

16. Be suspicious of your new friend who has pointy teeth and refuses to meet you during daylight hours.

17. Don’t take a shower in the midst of a crisis.

18. Don’t watch dodgy VHS videos. You don’t know who will be lurking in them.

19. If you see dead people, maybe keep it to yourself.

20. Don’t tell anyone what you did last summer.

21. If creepy music starts playing – run.

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