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22 Liverpool Vegan Restaurants for World Vegan Month


It’s Vegan Month and, as we’ve shown over the past year or so, Liverpool is up there with the best of them when it comes to eating out the plant-based way.

Whether eateries like the Egg Café that have been in the city since time began, or one of the many Bold Street branches that have opened in 2017, there is more choice than even we realised. Eating out as a vegan is easier than ever and we highly encourage everyone to take part in trying something different during Vegan Month. Where to begin? Well just take a look below.


With a second site having opened just off Castle Street, this Bold Street modern classic remains high on the list of must visit veggie restaurants. Although not an entirely vegan chain, the vegan and gluten free menus on offer are not to be snubbed. The Tiffin Boxes mean that you receive whatever the chef fancies cooking for you, a concept that works brilliantly with the Indian street food vibe, especially as you know that it will all be vegan. You get two curries, a side and some carbs (rice, potato, that sort of thing). We’ve been an awful lot and have never been disappointed with what the chef puts on our plate.

Menus and bookings here.

Love Thy Neighbour

Love Thy Neighbour is the latest business to take on the two-storey space opposite Liverpool staple, Bold Street Coffee, a building that has seen tenants come and go over the past few years. Now we have something that looks set to stay in this incredibly beautiful eatery. Brunch is served 8 until 5 and is the pride of the hipster bistro, so much so that #avocadoisbae can be see written around the cafe. You can get an array of very ‘instagramable’ dishes, juices and smoothies, with a mixture of meat, vegetarian and vegan options, meaning that this is one for the entire family. We highly recommend the oat milk smoothies and, of course, the avocado.

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Green Days Cafe

Just off Lark Lane, tucked away above a whole street of restaurants, bars and cafes, is Green Days; a quaint, quirky independent eatery reminiscent of the city centre staple that is Egg. This hippy hole of a café does an incredible selection of home cooked treats that change seasonally, warming you in the winter and satisfying you in the summer. The staff are down to earth, friendly and enthusiastic about the veggie variety of diets, especially as it is obvious that they have been compiling the menus and meals by hand themselves. We highly recommend popping in for a sandwich on your lunch break, and topping it off with one of their homemade cakes because…why not? That’s why.

More info on the Lark Lane Guide here.

Tiger Rock Hawker 

Images by Gareth Jones

Tiger Rock Hawker, with locations on Smithdown Road and on North John Street, is serving up a variety of East Asian flavours this Vegan Month.

With a variety of dishes on offer including Yam Mamuang (Fresh Shoestring Mango with Chopped Onion & Peppers in a zesty Hot Thai Dressing) and Tofu Sumbat, this is one of the best oriental restaurants in the city today.

Website is this way.


This Pan-Asian eatery is a staple for dining out as a vegan in the city. The menu also includes dairy and gluten free branches, as well as the vegan section, meaning that you can enjoy a dessert as well after a meal out. Something that is harder than it sounds as an avoider of the animal product. Unless you fancy a particularly lavish lunch, I would save this one for an evening out, that way you might be able to appreciate the cost a little more.

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Egg Cafe

Egg Café is somewhere that has firmly rooted itself in to the Liverpool scene, not only do they offer a wide array of mains and desserts for vegans, but they also do the same for vegetarians and people whom avoid gluten and diary. It is a very homely place with interesting artwork on the walls all available to purchase, should you feel the urge. The nut roast is a must, warming every part of your body, and, to top it all off, vegan custard. You’d be amazed how many places offer desserts with no cream, ice cream or custard to go on the side! Dry, sir…very dry.

Full menu this way.

LIV Organic and Natural Food Market

Vegan eateries are popping up all over the shop these days. Bold Street’s latest edition is one of the biggest yet, taking over the space once occupied by Argos and REX Concept Store. LIV aims to become Merseyside’s equivalent to the American chain, Whole Foods, but with a twist. As well as a varied choice for vegetarians and vegans, there are many a gluten-free option and organic health care/beauty products on offer., LIV also includes a bakery and the LIV Eatery café, open for breakfast and lunch, which adds an artisan twist to some light bite favourites.

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Burns Night in Liverpool

Delifonseca is renowned across the city for its vegan classics, including the eatery’s Deli Dip Platter, Falafel Wrap and Sumac Salad.

To celebrate Vegan Month, the award-winning restaurant’s chefs are fittingly kicking off November with a very special dish. The limited-edition recipe comprises a Giant Slice of Pumpkin stuffed with Wild Rice, Lentils, Chestnuts, Mushrooms & Herbs served with Spiced Red Cabbage. Two sites, one on our Docks further up from the Marina and second site on Stanley Street. Tuck in.

Delifonseca Dockside website here.


ItalFresh announced its winter residency at District, in the heart of The Baltic Triangle, serving up a delicious vegan twist on Caribbean classics. L

The pop-up canteen will be offering ItalFresh plant-based favourites such as Jerk Portobello (“smoothly hot, satisfyingly savoury” – The Guardian) or sweet potato Kingston fries with Jerk Mango sauce (“Life changing” – Independent Liverpool) for lunch and dinner Monday to Saturday.

Head to the website here.

Down The Hatch

Down The Hatch is Liverpool’s premier vegan junk food restaurant serving juicy burgers, deep fried delights and inventive puddings. This indulgent treat for the vegan population of the city can be found on Duke Street, tucked away below street level. Diners can choose between a vegetarian or a vegan menu with both including highlights that rival the meaty culture at the moment. It can be tough to find this sort of treat when following a vegetarian or vegan diet, however, once every so often it’s good to know that you can something as good quality as the meat equivalents.

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Cosy Club

Cosy Club Ipswich

The Cosy Club is fantastic for the modern day family and friends outing offering a vegan menu, a gluten-free menu and a ‘normal’ menu. The setting is sensational with a view of the busiest part town during the most magical time of year. With that said, we highly recommend heading down for the party menu this festive season.

 Lots more info here.

81 Renshaw

Amongst locals and vegans alike, 81 Renshaw has been on the radar for a long time. However, 2017 has seen the humble café undergo new ownership, rejuvenating the backroom venue and the basement vinyl shop. Through the change of ownership one thing has remained the same is the quality, and charm, of the café, and its food. Our top pick from the menu is vegan breakfast that includes vegan black pudding, that’s right, vegan black pudding. So good that we once got some to take hom with us.

Suites Hotel & Spa 

Handley’s Brasserie, located within Suites Hotel & Spa, is serving up a vegan dish with a difference. The Roasted Vegetable Stack with Balsamic Dressing comprises a selection of perfectly cooked vegetables including peppers and onions topped with a flavorsome glaze. The dish is available as part of a set menu whereby two courses are priced at £19.50 and three courses are priced at £22.50.

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Yuet Ben

Yuet Ben has allowed many vegans to enjoy a Chinese takeaway as much as the next guy. They have a specific vegetarian/vegan menu that includes delights such as the “Three Delicacies” (Braised Tofu, Bambooshoot and Shitake Mushrooms) and the steamed Aubergine in Blackbean. The price is very reasonable as well, so no problems splitting the bill with your mates at the end of the night. One tip, make sure that you tell them that you want the vegan version of whatever dish you order.

 Website is here.

Vincent Kitchen

Vincent Kitchen is one of Bold Streets newest residence, only opening its door this spring. The signs on the window read ‘bowl food’, ‘gluten-free’, ‘diary free’, but not specifically vegetarian and vegan. However, we feel that this is to its credit. It’s tough to find somewhere that accommodates everyone, with all dietary requirements getting the same quality of food. The food is as practical as it is tasty and interesting. The food is a mixture of oriental and Hawaiian recipes, meaning that you can get some homely Buddha bowls as well as fresh, light pineapple salads.

Full menu is here and even some freebies here.

Brasco/Milo Lounge

Picture the scene: your family and you are walking the dog around Sefton Park, or along the docks, and bellies start rumbling. Your dad wants a burger, your mum wants a salad, you want something vegan and the kids are, as most kids can be, fussy eaters. Fear not, head in to one of the Loungers eateries and you will find something for everyone, even the dog, as free treats are available on the bar. There are separate menus for vegan, gluten-free folk and ‘normals’, meaning that there is no fuss or faff. The food is a step up from your normal pub grub, but isn’t quite at gastro-pub level, something not to be taken for granted on a Sunday afternoon out. Find rest-bite in snug setting of these lovely lounges.

 More info here.

The Brink 

The UK’s first and Liverpool’s only dry bar The Brink is celebrating Vegan Month with a delicious meat-free offering. The Parr Street venue serves up a range of vegan and vegetarian offerings including Quinoa with Roasted Vegetables & Sweet Potato served with a Soy Ginger Sauce dressing.

Website this way.


Sanskruti is a family owned, basement venue in the business district of town, an area that often gets overlooked when it comes to dining out, especially if you’re looking for something of the veggie variety. However, what the district lacks in choice is more than made up for on the menu of this Indian restaurant. From dosa to daal, kofta to kaju karela, the choice is seemingly endless. Sanskruti prides itself on bringing the finest tastes of India to the North West of England, but we think that they should be proud of so much more, especially since they have that part firmly nailed.

 Website is here.

Maguire’s Pizza

This one is simple. Vegan pizza. When it comes to having a vegan friendly slice you tend to get something without cheese – not ideal. However, at Maguire’s on Renshaw street, there’s vegan cheese topping each pizza as well as “fake-meats” to get you as close you can to a Pepperoni Pizza. Or, if you like your vegan food without it trying to match up to its meaty cousin, then there is, of course, an array of other toppings available, all at a very reasonable price.

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White Wolf Kitchen

The food at this kitchen come yoga studio is fantastic, with the Big Boston Breakfast being a standout. That said, the aura that comes over you when you enter this beautiful building is what makes it stand out from the rest. The setting is sumptuous and yoga instructor, Louise, along with her best friend Becky, does an amazing job of making you feel like you’ve known them your entire life. The team are happy to chat, but also happy to let you sit in the Scandinavian, snug surrounding with an almond latte whilst getting lost in a book. Whether you partake in the yoga or not, the state of mind needed for the activity is transmitted around the venue.

 Head to the website here.

Our Kitchen

Another 2017 arrival to Bold Street, Our Kitchen almost knocked us off our seats. After chatting to owner, Tara, we learned that the ethos is all about balance. Once you know this, you look at Our Kitchen in a new light, as everything about it has a sense of balance. One could come in for a healthy breakfast for a homemade juice with a Super Green Omelette, or they could come to pig out on sharer plate sized nachos with a bottle of wine. The only thing that is non-negotiable is that everything is at least vegetarian and organic…something that I’m guessing you’ll be OK with!

 Website is here.

Trattoria 51 

Located on Old Hall Street, and also in Southport, Trattoria 51 is renowned for its classic and contemporary Italian menu. Comprising a range of dishes including pizzas and pastas, the eatery offers vegan options including Bruschetta Classica (Marinated Cherry Tomatoes & Garlic) and Penne Arrabbiata (Tomato Sauce, Chilli and Garlic) alongside a selection of organic vegan and vegetarian wines.

Check out the website here.

If you’ve made it this far down the list, then well done to you! As you can see, the choice is almost ending and ever growing. If you want to tell us about your favourite vegan place in the city, or feel that there is something that we might have missed, get in touch at [email protected].



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