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6 parks to go skateboarding in and around Liverpool


Skateboarding has been one of the new sports in this year’s Olympics in Tokyo, and thanks to 13-year-old Sky Brown it’s been one of the most exciting too.

The Team GB teenager managed an incredible third and last run in the women’s park skateboarding finals to win the bronze medal and become the youngest ever British Olympic medallist.

With well over a million Instagram followers, she’s inspired a whole generation of young skaters – lads and girls – to take up the sport.

So, if you’ve got kids who fancy trying it, or they (or you) already skate but are looking for somewhere different, where are the best skateparks to get some flipping practice?

Here are 6 parks to go skateboarding in and around Liverpool …

Otterspool Park

Next to Otterspool Adventure, this concrete park is good for beginners because it has lots of smaller ramps for skaters to learn on and being near the adventure centre means it’s handy for the café too. It has a circular layout and so has a continuous flow. It can get busy with young scooter riders, but the skaters and scooters are pretty good at avoiding each other – and it’s free so there’s no time limits either.

Garston Skatepark

Garston street plaza will look familiar to anyone who’s seen the “street” category in the Tokyo Olympics. This concrete skatepark is in one long strip so it’s good for linking multiple tricks together, and the park’s obstacles emulate real urban objects and features. You’ll find it just off of the main high street and, like Otterspool, it’s free.


This one in Aintree (about a 15-minute walk from Aintree station) is paid for but it’s the biggest indoor skatepark in the UK with lots of different areas so it’s worth it, especially for rainy days. It mostly consists of big ramps but does have some street sections. It’s a good option for beginners or anyone wanting some coaching because it hosts skateboarding lessons and you can hire pads. It’s also popular with young scooter riders and BMX riders so it’s an ideal place for young people to make friends and learn together. First time users have to register online for a free membership before they visit.

Newsham Park Skatepark

Another outdoor concrete one which is free, Newsham is a very popular skatepark, located in the middle of the park with plenty of different obstacles, ledges and rails to skate for people of all abilities. It’s a really decent size and has a large bowl and street section, with good flow.

Everton Park Skatepark

Called “Evertro” when it was first built back in 2015, this is a skatepark in two parts. One part is a pair of ramps forming a ‘half pipe’ and the other part consists of a bowl and various street obstacles. The outside of the bowl holds an abstract shape and glows in the dark, originally presented as an art piece. This one is free and recommended for more intermediate riders.

New Bird Skatepark

In the heart of the Baltic, on the corner of New Bird Street and Jamaica Street near Camp and Furnace, New Bird is a DIY skatepark built and developed by local skaters. It’s in a convenient location because it’s so close to the centre of town and it’s free. The park is a bit rough around the edges but that really just gives it more character and it’s very well-loved although padding is recommended due to the slightly perilous cracks!

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