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6 Places you’re guaranteed to fall over on a Liverpool night out

7 years ago

6 Places you’re guaranteed to fall over on a Liverpool night out

If you haven’t ended up on the deck, have you even had a night out in town?

The planning that goes into a Liverpool night out is seriously impressive, weeks in advance. Booking tickets for club nights, booths, table service, boss outfits and the all important, highest of heels, but when all is said and done, the best stories are usually about someone ending up on their arse.

It doesn’t take many cocktails for kerbs and steps to seem bigger and further away in our minds, and having to tackle flights of stairs in your new Kurt Giegers can feel like taking on Everest after a couple of hours on the dancefloor. It’s alright Liverpool, we feel your pain, literally! Stock up on the paracetamol and swear blind you’re never wearing them heels again…..until next week!

Here’s 6 places you’re guaranteed to fall over on a Liverpool night out….

1 – Cobbles, cobbles EVERYWHERE!

Dedicated Boxing

Wood Street, Fleet Street, St Peter’s Square and of course the historic Albert Dock – all sites that are littered with cobbles. Heels, alcohol and teeny little paving stones were never going to mix well and many a hottie can be found nursing a battered knee after going all wobbly legged on her brand spanking new stilettoes. More to the point, there’s nothing to hold on to! We’re starting a campaign for hand rails, who’s in?

2 – Top of Town Hot Spots

Heebie’s stairs, Aloha steps, attempting to go to the toilet in The Shipping Forecast (especially when it was the Wonderbar back in the day), upstairs, downstairs at Baa Bar, downstairs to the loo’s at Red Door, the secret step in Newz Bar, basically anywhere that involves having to go down stairs for the toilet is likely to end up in a minor fall. Total Wipe Out has got nothing on the likes of these bars and a scousers ability to trip over fresh air. Good job they offer up kick ass cocktails, banging beats and comfy seats to soothe the coccyx pain!

3 – Step Back in time on Victoria Street

Liverpool night out

The Living Room. Image Credit: The Northern Backdrop

Anyone remember The Living Room on Victoria Street (Now Sugar Hut). That sly step up to the bar that could never be seen until you were face down in front of the entire room, trying to scramble the contents of your clutch bag while everyone coming up the stairs behind you got an eye full of your Spanx. If you weren’t falling up the steps you’re almost guaranteed to have taken a tumble down into the Vampire Lounge or Mosquito. Oh the shame!

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4 – The Concert Square Assault Course

The Guide Liverpool - Nightlife

If there was ever an urban assault course on a Liverpool night out, it’s got to be Concert Square, it’s got the lot. Cobbles, concrete steps, and a maze of tables and chairs strewn everywhere with blunt edges at hip, elbow and knee height, so it really doesn’t take much to trip, slip or fall. Just watch you don’t spill your Woo Woo!

5 – Stick or Slip at The Raz

Probably one of the most famous names on a traditional Liverpool night out, The Raz (or Blue Angel) crowns the top of Seel Street and features in the tales of nightclub goers of all ages. The Raz offers a unique bonus to slipping down the stairs on your way in, and that’s the safety net of sticking to the floor when you get there! Least there’s free lollipops.

6 – Taxi Rank Mishaps

Have you ever known the devastation of dropping your cheesy chips on the steps of the Bombed Out Church? Grazing your knee falling into a Liverpool black cab? Or even worse yet, falling into your own house after spending 10 minutes trying to get the key in the lock? Our Liverpool cabbies haven’t half seen some sights over the years and yet we still feel the need to impress them with our ability to fall over. Ps – falling into a cab takes practise, falling out of a cab…..easy!

Joking aside, it goes without saying that we and the Liverpool pubs, bars and clubs wish everyone a safe and happy night out wherever you’re heading and just go easy on ale, no one wants bruised legs for Christmas!

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