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6 reasons why you should have your next night out at Camp and Furnace



If you haven’t had a big night out at Camp and Furnace, then honestly, you’ve really missed out.

Right at the centre of the Baltic Triangle, it’s a brilliant venue whatever kind of night you’re looking for – whether you want a quizzy one with mates, one watching footy on the big screen or one where you can just get up and dance and sing along to some absolute classics.

Don’t even think twice about getting it on your pre-Christmas to-go list, here are 6 reasons why you should have your next night out at Camp and Furnace …

The venue is huge with two separate rooms and a Lobby Bar

If you love going to festivals, but maybe aren’t too keen on all the mud and the dodgy loos, then you’ll definitely love Camp and Furnace because it’s got all the pluses of a festival – large-scale events, crowds and a really buzzy vibe – but it’s indoors. Like the name suggests, it’s got the two main warehouse spaces, Camp and Furnace, with lots of their original features, plus a Lobby Bar which is a great welcoming place to just take a break and chill-out with a drink.

There are LOADS of different events happening

There really is always something going on at Camp and Furnace because they do over 230 events in a normal year including two every Friday and two every Saturday. The versus nights are always huge, with tunes from icons like Britney and Beyonce going up against each other for diva rights, there’s themed quiz nights (including a super Scouse Ya Nan’s one), nostalgia music fests taking you back to the 80s, 90s and noughties, total takeover nights for megastars like Bowie and Abba, footy in the fan park as well as regular Bingo Lingo and Baltic Jazz sessions … and that’s just a taster!

There’s a number of bars so you don’t have to queue for long

You won’t have to worry about heading to the bar and being gone for ages, standing half a dozen deep and missing all the fun, because Camp and Furnace has got plenty of bars so unlike real festivals there’s never massive queues to get a drink.

It’s in the heart of The Baltic Triangle

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You can’t beat Camp and Furnace for location because it’s a landmark building right at the centre of the Baltic, so it couldn’t be easier to get to – just off Jamaica Street on Greenland Street – and you’re only a short walk from Cains Brewery, into town or down to the waterfront. 

The audio visual system is state of the art

Even though the two main rooms, Camp and Furnace, are cavernous ex-warehouse spaces, they’re perfect for large-scale live music and club/DJ events because the acoustics are amazing. 

It can cater for large groups

Picture – Matt Thomas

If you’re out in a big party, there won’t be any danger of not being able to get in or struggling to be together because Camp and Furnace is a versatile venue which works for big groups as well as it does for smaller ones. That goes for hiring it out for your own events too because each area is a different size, so Camp suits big shows, Furnace is more for live bands, private parties and exhibitions and the Lobby Bar is great for smaller social or work get togethers. 

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