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8 Things you can do with a new born baby in Liverpool

7 years ago

8 Things you can do with a new born baby in Liverpool

So Beyonce has given birth to twins in the States and we’re saluting new parents right here in Liverpool as you face the task of actually getting out of the house before lunchtime!

Bottom line is, brand new babies don’t really do much besides feed, poop and sleep, but making an effort to get out and about in the fresh air is important for new parents as they adjust to life with a mini human.

Gentle exercise, socialising and wearing publically acceptable clothes may seem like the Mount Everest of challenges some days, but with your other half back at work, the in-laws content with the 3000 pics they took the last time they dropped in uninvited, what can you do with your little bundle of joy?

Here’s 8 things you can do with a new born baby in Liverpool….

1 – Head to your SureStart Centre

Okay, your midwife, GP, friends, family and pretty much anyone else possible will have probably told you to join one. From baby massage classes (great for a colicky baby!) to sensory sessions and everything in between it’s a great way to enhance your baby’s development & meet others who are in the same boat. Some centres even have groups just for dads too! Check out the local baby groups in Liverpool and find your local SureStart centre here.

2 – Make new Mum mates

Recently a website hailed as “Tinder for mums” called MUMMY SOCIAL has launched and it is incredible. It puts you in touch with other mums in your area so you can arrange social events from coffee shop catch ups to festivals like Kids Fest and soft play dates there’s always something going on! It’s a great place to open up, ask for advice and to speak to people who can relate. The one for Merseyside has its own Facebook group and it’s hilarious, they’ve even arranged a ‘mummy social baby free night out’. Click here to join.

3 –  Get Active, gently!

Once you’ve had your 6/8 week check with your GP and most importantly YOU feel ready to do so, get exercising! No, we’re not taking about heading the gym to lift weights and spend hours on the treadmill (unless you want to!) but there are tonnes of brilliant post-natal exercise classes around. Click here to check out MamaFit and Active Buggies for starters and remember…only start exercising when you feel ready to. There is no rush!

4 – Indulge in a little retail therapy

Liverpool One is a great destination for a bit of buggy fit while making a dent in all those lovely gift vouchers you received for the new arrival. Browse the new season baby clothes, grab a healthy juice at John Lewis or tuck into a wedge of cake at Cosy Club while the little one sleeps. There’s a dedicated breast feeding area, tip top baby changing facilities and also pram hire available from Q Park too. Click here to plan your visit and get to grips with the lifts!

5 – Feed little imaginations and explore Central Library

It’s never too early to get into good habits and reading fun, engaging bedtime stories can begin from day one. Not only does Central Library, William Brown Street have a huge discovery space just for kids, its also a great place to view the city from the 4th floor terrace, grab a costa coffee in the ground floor café or even just relax into a beanbag and get lost in the latest top seller. There’s more to life than the Gruffalo! Click here for more info.

6 – Put your feet up

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We’ve all heard the whole “sleep when the baby sleeps” cliché but it’s true. Do it. Lots. You will sorely regret not taking a power nap during Loose Women when your baby is wide awake and ready to play at 4am. Everyone has someone who insists: “forget about the dishes & laundry! I’ll help anytime!” When else will you get that offer?! Accept the help from your friend/sibling/great Aunty twice removed (or whoever you trust!).

7 – Take a walk

baby groups liverpool

Sefton Park

In Merseyside we are lucky enough to have loads of open spaces to walk around at a gentle pace, pushing your pram with pride and getting a lung full of fresh air. Even the most stressful mornings can be recovered with a bit of head space along the waterfront, around any one of the city parks and green spaces, or why not take a stroll along the Albert Dock and take in the quirky stores and coffee shops. The bonus is that most babies drift off to sleep mid walk, so joyful!

8 – Book two tickets to Hollywood at FACT

The Guide Liverpool - FACT Psych Fest

You might think that cinema trips are now reserved for rare date night occasions but fear not, you can still get your blockbuster fix thanks to Picturehouse at FACT. Big Scream Club is for parents and guardians with babies under one year old. Membership is free and valid until the baby’s first birthday. Tickets are £8.20 (Picturehouse Members £6.20), babies come free and only customers with babies will be admitted! Oh hello again Tom Hardy! More info and cinema listings here.

However you decide to spend your days, checking out the baby groups in Liverpool, compiling first Christmas ideas on Pinterest, or actually sleeping when the baby sleeps (shock horror!), always make sure you’re doing what you feel is best for the two of you. There is absolutely no guilt in simply looking after number one and two.

Are you a new parent living in the Liverpool City Region? We want to hear your new born life hacks, tweet us @TheGuideLpool or email us and we’ll share the baby love on our socials.




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