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Adoption in Merseyside is encouraging people from all walks of life to think about becoming adopters


As we head into LGBT+ Adoption and Fostering week (7th-13th March) Adoption in Merseyside (AiM) are encouraging people from all background and walks of life to think about starting their adoption journey.

AiM are the regional adoption agency for Liverpool, Knowsley, Sefton and Wirral and are keen to recruit a wide range of adopters.

While the total number of adoptions fell in England in 2021, the proportion of adoptions to same-sex couples in England remained static.

Adoption in Merseyside

Credit: Adoption in Merseyside

AiM wants to encourage those who are thinking about adopting to request an information pack and explore their options. 

AiM welcome people to apply if they are single, renting accommodation or already have children.

If you can offer the space in your heart and your home, the chances are you could adopt. 

Andy and Craig always knew they wanted to be parents and adoption was always their first option as they had a loving and safe home to offer a child.

“We always wanted a family and decided to start the process to adopt. The process was quite hard for us, it was very intrusive and in depth, but we understand why this must be done. It was an emotional process as it delved into our past and the reasons why certain situations happened and how we dealt with that. The training was also self-reflective and made us think about how we would parent our own child.

“Even though the process is hard work, when we eventually got to meet our little girl, it made it all real and worth it. We finally feel like a family and I just can’t wait to see how she develops and grows.

Adoption in Merseyside

“Our adoption journey from initial enquiry to welcoming our little girl took around 12 months, we know the hard work isn’t over but we know support will always be there from Adoption in Merseyside.”

Check out the Adoption in Merseyside website here for more information on the adoption process.

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