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Did you know these Hollywood stars were from Liverpool?


The Oscars Are Around The Corner, But Did You Know These Hollywood Stars Are From Just Around The Corner?

The Oscar ceremony is just around the corner, with the nominations imminent. Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool is in with a chance of picking up one of the golden statues, but before that, did you know that these Hollywood big shots are from, or were born, just around the corner?

David Morrissey 

Born in Everton, David Morrissey started acting at Everyman’s Youth Theatre, where he was born and raised. He made an auspicious debut in One Summer (1983), a series about two Liverpool runaways. Since then his career sky rocketed, taking up the role of The Governor in the smash hit zombie series, The Walking Dead, as well as appearing alongside the likes of Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Scarlett Johanson and Natalie Portman.

Jason Isaacs

Say hello to Jason Isaacs, arguably the biggest star on this list. Isaacs was born in Liverpool in 1963 and has been part of the Harry Potter universe, the Star Trek universe and the DC Comics universe. It would be impossible to fit all the film he has starred in here, because we would need a whole list just for him, however, Isaacs career seems to just be getting better, with his most recent effort, in The Death Of Stalin, having gained some awards recognition already this season.

Kim Cattrall

You might be thinking “What? No, she lives in New York and hangs out with Sarah Jessica Parker!”. And, you’d be mostly right about this star of Sex & The City, however you’d be missing out the fact that she was born in Mossy Hill. She moved to Canada at the age of just three months, but has never lost, or denied, her roots.  Watch our chat with Kim at Titanic Hotel Liverpool here.

Ian Hart

Best known for his role as Professor Quirrel, the weak wizard professor who harbours Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, Hart and Hollywood go hand in hand Enemy of the State, starring Will Smith, and last year’s awards contender, Gods Own Country are two of the biggest titles on his repertoire, amongst many others. Ian has come a long way since his days at Cardinal Heenan in West Derby.

Peter Serafinowicz

Guardians of the Galaxy, John Wick Chapter 2, Shaun of the Dead, Spy, The IT Crowd, South Park, Doctor Who, Rick & Morty…should I continue? I think you get the picture. Peter Serafinowicz is prolific, as you can see, and is proud Liverpudlian, growing up in Belle Vale and attending SFX school. From voice work to acting, stand up to writing, Serafinowicz is one of the cities most talented exports.

Alison Steadman

This is one that you would never believe when you see her in character. Alison Steadman is a master at accents, clearly seen in her role as Pam in the BBC smash hit comedy, Gavin & Stacey, as well as in Pride & Prejudice, Orphan Black and Life Is Sweet. Educated at Childwall Valley High School, she studied at the East-15 Acting School from 1966-1969, then toiled as a secretary at the Liverpool Probation Service before deciding on a full-time acting career.

Tom Baker

That’s right – The Doctor is from Liverpool and was born on Scotty Road. Baker took up the role in Doctor Who back in 1974 as The Fourth Doctor, coining the famous, multi-coloured striped scarf. Baker has reprised the role numerous times over the years, most recently last year in Doctor Who: Shada. Baker is also well known for voice work on the likes of Star Wars: Rebels, and he turned down the role of Gandalf in Lord of the Rings.

Rex Harrison

This is one, perhaps, for the older generations. Rex Harrison is a classic stage and screen actor most well known for playing the lead role, alongside Audrey Hepburn, in the 1964 classic, My Fair Lady, years after coining the role on Broadway. Rex was born on Tarbock Road in Huyton. He also had parts in the likes of Cleopatra and Doctor Dolittle, paving the way for aspiring actors and actresses from the region.

Joe Dempsie

This cheeky chap was most well known for his role in the E4 coming of age series, Skins – until now. After appearing alongside Jason Stathem (Blitz) and Michael Sheen (The Damned United), Dempsie now plays Gendry in the HBO phenomenom, Game Of Thrones, undeniably his biggest role yet, especially as this latest season sees him come to the fore. Joe grew up in the Newsham Park area.

Stephen Graham

He’s surely up there as one of our best, most successful and most loved Scouse actors? Hailing from Kirkby, Stephen Graham, one of the few actors on the list that often plays his roles in his own accent. Most well known for This Is England, Graham has had major roles in Hollywood from psychological thrillers such as Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy to sea shanty series, Pirates Of The Caribbean. Stephen Graham has done so much that it would be hard to name them all, however, he is the only person on the list who was part of last years Merseyside masterpiece, Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool. 

So there you go a little bit of Liverpool in Hollywood. Have we missed anyone? Get in touch on Twitter & Facebook and scroll though all of the latest movie news for Liverpool here.



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