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Discover the world beneath the waves at Knowsley Safari this Summer with BRICKLIVE OCEAN


This summer, Knowsley Safari will be inviting visitors to journey through the amazing, diverse wildlife of the world beneath the waves at its interactive BRICKLIVE OCEAN.

The event will last for eight weeks from 9:30am on Saturday 10th July.

The first time that BRICKLIVE OCEAN has been on tour since 2019, this unique collection of 30 life-size brick-built models showcases the vast array of creatures that the ocean is home to.


This is including marine mammals, fish, sharks, crustaceans, coral and a host of other fascinating life-sized brick models of all shapes and sizes.

BRICKLIVE OCEAN highlights include an impressive Orca, constructed from more than 220,000 bricks and measuring in at over 4 metres long, the Yellowfin Tuna, a surprisingly large fish at over one metre long which would only be visible in the pelagic waters of tropical and subtropical oceans and snapshots of intricately beautiful coral reef comprising over 24,000 bricks.


Promoting innovation, interactivity and education through play, BRICKLIVE OCEAN will also feature a head-in-the-hole selfie zone and sit-in submarine.

Taking up residence on the Foot Safari, the oceanic sculptures will join Knowsley Safari’s real animals including Amur Tigers, giraffes, meerkats, and bush dogs to create an unforgettable nature-filled day out.

Parrot Fish

Visitors can get up close to the models to appreciate both the sheer scale of the creatures and be afforded a glimpse of life on the seabed that would otherwise remain largely inaccessible.

Rachel Scott, Head of Marketing, Knowsley Safari said:

“We are so excited to be able to host BRICKLIVE OCEAN this summer which is set to entertain and educate children and families about the incredible diversity of life in the Earth’s oceans.”

With contactless entry and enhanced hygiene regimes and social-distancing measures in place across the Safari’s 550-acre site, guests can be assured of one of the country’s safest days out.

Available until Sunday 5th September, guests must pre-book tickets and a timeslot online here.

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