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Exploring Liverpool’s thriving gaming scene

7 days ago

Exploring Liverpool’s thriving gaming scene
Playstation UK. Image: Shutterstock

Did you know that Liverpool is home to a dynamic gaming industry? 

There’s a variety of game development companies in Liverpool renowned for their innovative contributions to the field. 

Here’s a closer look at some of the leading gaming companies in Liverpool and the exciting work they do:

Sony PlayStation in Liverpool

Liverpool is also home to a powerhouse in the gaming world, Sony PlayStation, with a headquarters dedicated to various crucial aspects of game development. 

The team in Liverpool is responsible for a range of activities, from game design and development to quality assurance and technical support, contributing to the global success of PlayStation titles.

Sony Playstation HQ in Liverpool - The Guide Liverpool
Sony Playstation HQ one of the game development companies in Liverpool – The Guide Liverpool


Firesprite is an independent developer known for its cutting-edge game development. Since its establishment in 2012, Firesprite has been at the forefront of creating immersive gaming experiences for PC and console platforms.

Lucid Games

Lucid Games is another key player, focusing on developing games for console and PC. The studio is renowned for its creative and engaging titles, contributing significantly to the gaming landscape in Liverpool.

PC Gaming. Image: Shutterstock
PC Gaming. Image: Shutterstock

Milky Tea Studios

Specialising in designing and developing video games for PC and console, Milky Tea Studios is known for its unique artistic approach and innovative game mechanics.


Onteca develops games for iOS, Android, and Nintendo platforms. The studio’s versatility and creativity have made it a standout in the mobile and handheld gaming sectors.

Playrise Digital

An indie developer famous for the “Table Top Racing” series, Playrise Digital creates games for PS4, Xbox, and Steam, as well as mobile platforms. Their games are known for their fun, competitive racing dynamics.

XBOX controller. Image: Shutterstock
XBOX controller. Image: Shutterstock


Ripstone is a publisher that focuses on creating games with heart. They work closely with developers to bring unique and engaging titles to PC and console gamers.

Spiral House

Spiral House is a versatile game developer, producing interactive entertainment across all major platforms, including PC, consoles, and mobile devices. Their diverse portfolio showcases their expertise in various gaming genres.

Wushu Studios

Wushu Studios comprises an experienced team of creative and technical developers. They provide development services and are known for their professional approach to game creation.

WipeOut. Image: Shutterstock
WipeOut. Image: Shutterstock

Museum of Liverpool

If you head over to Museum of Liverpool, located on the city’s iconic waterfront, the Wondrous Place exhibition gives a… well, ‘Wondrous’ insight into everything Liverpool and entertainment.

You’ll also get an insight into the region’s gaming industry and a chance to play some of Liverpool’s iconic games.

Game zone in the Wondrous Place gallery. © Pete Carr
Game zone in the Wondrous Place gallery. © Pete Carr

Notable Games Produced in Liverpool

Liverpool has been the birthplace of many acclaimed video games over the years. Here are a few notable titles:

  • WipEout Series: Developed by Psygnosis, later known as Studio Liverpool, this futuristic racing series became iconic on PlayStation.
  • Project Gotham Racing: Created by Bizarre Creations, this racing game series was highly popular on Xbox consoles.
  • Table Top Racing: Developed by Playrise Digital, this fun and competitive racing game gained popularity on multiple platforms, including PS4 and mobile.
  • The Persistence: Developed by Firesprite, this VR survival horror game received acclaim for its innovative gameplay and immersive experience.
  • DriveClub: While not developed in Liverpool, Evolution Studios, which had strong links with the city, produced this well-received racing game for PlayStation 4.

With a mix of seasoned studios and innovative developers, Liverpool’s gaming industry is a powerhouse of creativity. 

Whether through developing new titles, supporting global franchises, or pioneering in mobile and console gaming, Liverpool’s game companies continue to shape the future of interactive entertainment.

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