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First bridal shop for curvy brides opens in Liverpool


Local girl and curvy campaigner Marisa Rooney has decided to create an experience for curvy brides after seeing many women struggling into standard sizes and feeling out of place when shopping for a dress for their big day.

Known to her clients as a ‘master of dressing curves’, Marisa has struck a deal with a supplier to offer rare opportunity for customised curvy dresses from big designer labels.

Caryn Franklin MBE, British Fashion Commentator and Professor of Diversity in Fashion has praised the venture. pictured with Marisa above.

Marisa came up with the concept after launching a ‘curvy campaign’.  This included promoting the term ‘life size’ over ‘plus size’, a phrase that has since been picked up by Franklin, who commented on the concept of the new bridal shop:

“Marisa Rooney is a smart designer. She understands how important is for women to feel their unique shape is beautiful and this is never more important than on their wedding day. The market is crying out for well-designed bridal wear in a broader range of sizes.

“Marisa is an innovator calling for fuller sized mannequins to hone her dress making skills. As a result Marisa understands how to dress life-sized bodies (a term she coined whilst still a fashion student) and is at the forefront of a new generation of designers who put the practical needs of their customers at the forefront of their business.

“I’m thrilled to see this design business flourish and with Marisa’s innovative collaborations and natural empathy for her clients, I know her work will be very well received.”

After struggling with her own weight and working in bridal fashion, Marisa wanted to stop other women going through the same pressures, especially leading up to their wedding day.

She commented: “My shop specialises in edgy dresses for girls with curves, and comes with a body positive vibe. I saw so many brides struggling into standard sizes and feeling out of place shopping for a dress and it was really upsetting for many of them. Some brides have next to no choice and sometimes have to buy a gown without being able to try it on first and hope it looks perfect. I want to offer gorgeous bridal collections for girls with curves and customisation options they can’t get anywhere else.

“Liverpool is one of my main inspirations. I was born here and it’s a city full of bold fashion statements and confidence. It’s so inspiring and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.”

In an addition coup for her company, Marisa struck a deal with a supplier so that her curvy brides have access to customisable designs, meaning that brides-to-be have the options to swap and change skirts and tops from big labels.

She added: “I want curvy girls to choose their dream dress and not have to make do because they think it’s not possible.”

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