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Get Grand national ready with these top beauty prep tips perfect for any Scouse prin on race day

2 years ago

By The Guide Liverpool

Get Grand national ready with these top beauty prep tips perfect for any Scouse prin on race day

The Randox Grand National Festival is back with the final tickets remaining for Grand Opening ‘NHS’ Day on Thursday and that Fabulous Friday we all know as Ladies day too.

The countdown is well and truly underway for the biggest event on the Scouse social calendar; National Weekend, otherwise known as The Scouse Met Gala.

Most of you will have already prepared and planned way in advance every detail of your day/weekend – lord knows some of us have been planning since January 2020, but for those who are struggling here’s your guide for all things beauty when it comes to Aintree.


Beauty Guide

Whether you go for a long flowing mane to rival any national winner, or a chic up do that’ll look good come rain or shine (because if there’s one thing you never want to place a bet on, it’s the weather at Aintree), the hair is something that must be paid close attention to. Obviously your first choice is going to be a hairdresser’s appointment – let the professionals take care of it – as soon as your mane is tamed you can head straight to your champagne breakfast…

Or, for a D.I.Y. fix because we’re all trying to cut back at the moment…

For a perfect at home ‘curly blow’ try heated rollers with some heavy-duty hairspray. Brush through the curls with a soft bristle brush and part with your fingers to create soft, bouncy waves… and then hairspray the fuck out of them.

Make up

Beauty Guide

If you haven’t got the ‘skillz that killz’ when it comes to smoky eye and contouring, then consulting a professional is a must for Aintree. No one wants to end up in the Daily Fail, looking like a pasty, cheekbone-less clown. A good MUA and her setting spray can keep you glowing and chiselled all day.

Or, for a D.I.Y. fix…

Practice makes perfect. Spend the next few weeks poring over YouTube make up tutorials until you can smash that killer winged eyeliner out every time. Top it all off with a long-lasting liquid lipstick and you’ll be gorge right from starters orders to the finish line.


If there’s one colour that goes with any outfit, it’s tan. Yes, you do need it. Get a spray tan. Proudly don the sticky feet pads and paper thong; don’t be shy the beautician has seen all the tits and wobbly bits that Liverpool has to offer.

Or, for a D.I.Y. fix…

The day before the races is not the time to try home tanning if you’re a fake tan virgin, but if you’re an experienced veteran then you can totally get away with a home tan.

Botox & fillers

Beauty Guide

If you’re going to give those lines and wrinkles a little iron out or fluff those lip pillows up before race day, then that is A-Okay. But for the love of God, please go to a proper doctor, not some back street beauty hun running around with needles and no qualifications and make sure you do it around 6 weeks before to allow it to settle. 

Or, for a D.I.Y. fix…

Don’t even think about it.


Beauty Guide

This is no time to be playing around. Put the tweezers down and treat yourself to a HD brow appointment. The nipples of your face will thank you.

Or, for a D.I.Y. fix…

You can get away with just a tint and a shape but still, leave it to the professionals for anything more…


Beauty Guide

It’s not ok to have your outfit spoilt by sweetcorn peggies so your gnashers have got to be as dazzling as you are. You can opt for a professional tooth whitening treatment which will yield instant, several shades whiter, results.

Or, for a D.I.Y. fix…

However, if you’re all spent out on races prep then invest in a tube of good whitening toothpaste and stay away from coffee, tea, curry, tomato-based foods, red wine… all the fun stuff basically. Zzzzz.


Beauty Guide

Let’s not go hoochy or neon. This is not Zante with the girls this is a classy event. Stick to nudes, reds and French manicures and let the attention be all about the hat, the dress, and your gorgeous smile…

Or, for a D.I.Y. fix…

Just paint them nude yourself and be done with it.


Beauty Guide

No hun, 2 coats of mascara will not do. Don’t worry, you don’t need expensive Russian lash extensions – just a good quality pair of strip lashes will work wonders and give you total Bambi eyes.

Or, for a D.I.Y. fix…

Well actually, you can get luxury level lashes for extremely little money so no need for save cheats on this one. 

Tickets are still available for Grand Opening ‘NHS Day on Thursday 7 April and for Fabulous Friday, Ladies Day on Friday 8 April – you can book yours here.

By Natasha Ferguson

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