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Get Me Before the Crematorium Does: Pauline Daniels on laughs, loving her job, and why she’ll never give up


She has been in showbusiness for more than 40 years but Pauline Daniels has no intention of slowing down.

“I love what I do and I think that as long as you love your job, your energy and appetite are sustained whatever your age,” explains the actress and comedian.

“If show business is in your blood, it’s there forever.”

Which is excellent news for audiences at Heswall Hall – the latest stop on Pauline’s hit tour, Get Me Before the Crematorium Does.

Pauline will be at the venue on September 10 for an evening of her unique humour and outstanding vocals.

“It was originally called ‘Where’s My Bloody Pension’ but that was when it was originally put in the diary! Almost three years later, I’ve got my pension, so I needed a new title,” explains Pauline, whose list of credits include Calendar Girls The Musical, The Comedians, Shirley Valentine, Bread and Brookside.

“I started as a singer and have spent my career, not only incorporating songs in my act, but also in many musicals.

“It seemed right to add some songs, all very carefully chosen for the night. There will be lots of laughter of course – because if there’s one thing we need right now, it’s a good laugh!”

She says she has been ‘thrilled’ with the response so far to the show and can’t wait to bring it to Heswall audiences.

“I have been to some amazing places in my 42 years in the business like The London Palladium, The Apollo Shaftesbury Avenue, and nearly all of the number one theatres in the country,” explains Pauline who cites Robin Williams, Joan Rivers and Ken Dodd as her all time comedy heroes.

“But I did have the pleasure of doing a show for the Mayor of Wirral some years ago at Heswall Hall. It’s small but perfectly formed and there isn’t a massive chasm between you and your audience so it’s warm and friendly.”

Has she ever thought about putting her feet up for good?

“The pandemic was a dreadful time for entertainers and going back was scary, I won’t lie, I almost thought about retiring,” she admits.

“But I just couldn’t do it. Hopefully I will carry on as long as I am wanted. I couldn’t think of any other career, I had ‘proper’ jobs when I was younger and I just didn’t like it, plus I wasn’t that keen on school and so left without any qualifications.

“I got on the bus and went to the university of life and here I am not wanting any other career path!”

So what’s next to this most versatile of performers?

“This business is always feast or famine. I don’t have anything ‘planned’ at the moment but one phone call can change your life in this game.

“I wouldn’t mind a nice telly series and hopefully there may be a good play or two out there waiting but live performances are what I love the most.”

 * Pauline will be at Heswall Hall on September 10. Tickets £17. Go to for more information and tickets.

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