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Go ghost hunting this weekend inside Liverpool’s Williamson Tunnels

4 years ago

Go ghost hunting this weekend inside Liverpool’s Williamson Tunnels

There’s a ghost hunt happening this weekend at one of Liverpool’s most fascinating historic sites.

Psychic medium Lisa Finlayson and Beyond the Grave UK are leading a ghost hunting night at the Williamson Tunnels on Saturday.

She will take a group down into the underground labyrinth created in the early 19th century by eccentric Liverpool merchant and property owner Joseph Williamson.

And, she says, she’s hoping to make contact with the man himself – and any other spirits which might happen to be in the underground caverns hidden beneath the Edge Hill area of the city.

Lisa believes there may be the spirits of former child labourers and women who worked in digging out the network of tunnels.

“I look all over the country for sites which have an interesting history, which people maybe haven’t been in to before, and I found Williamson Tunnels through my Beyond the Grave UK Facebook page,” she explains. 

“One of the group members from Liverpool asked if I’d ever been, I said I hadn’t, so he and another of the volunteers from the tunnels invited me along for a look. I absolutely loved it, the K2 EMF (electromagnetic field) meters were going bonkers, and the spirit box contacted someone. 

“I was down there for about an hour, and I heard a child’s giggle on the spirit box so I know there’s definitely at least one child down there. Then the EMF which works off spirit energy went off so that confirmed there’s spirit energy there. 

Lisa says her ghost hunts use equipment similar to that used in paranormal TV shows.

“I developed the spirit box, which works on radio frequency and static, so you get voices coming through. People can ask questions, and sometimes what you hear back is gobbledegook and sometimes it’s sentences. It’s yet to be proved but it’s scientific and in this field it’s the most recognised method.”  

When the spirits do make contact, Lisa says she not only hears and speaks to them, but sees them too.

“They put like a photograph in my head, what I see are little snapshots – it’s a bit like watching an old black and white cine film,” she explains.

“When I was doing some research in the old Newsham Park hospital, I could see the spirits walking around and I actually stopped people walking through them. If someone says they suddenly feel really cold, that’s what it is – they’ve walked through a spirit or they’ve come very close so they’re in their spirit energy.”

On Saturday’s ghost hunt in Williamson Tunnels, she’ll take a back seat and allow everyone to have their own experience.

“From research into the tunnels, I know children would have been used to create the passageways because they were smaller, and probably women as well because I believe they were sent down to bring up the soil.”

“I’ll personally be looking for more energies around the child we heard, and hopefully Mr Williamson, but when I do the ghost hunts I stand back, I don’t lead, it’s for people to feel whatever they feel themselves. It could be anybody down there, and you have to go with an open mind.”

This Saturday’s ghost hunt will be on from 8pm to 1am over two sites, spending two-and-a-half hours in each. 

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