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Have a look inside the new Mrs Blodget’s Guest House on Duke Street


A place for those setting out on a new adventure, and for those seeking comfort & rest after their last.

Mrs Blodget’s Guest House is an intimate bar and boutique guest house situated in a historic building on Duke Street.

The site spans across three stunning Georgian town houses, once home to the famous Mrs Blodget’s Guest House from the mid to late-1800s which saw US consuls and naval captains frequent the venue.

The guesthouse would go on to become a melting-pot of culture, the evenings were filled with merriment & laughter as traveling musicians would serenade the packed room.

Drinks and stories alike were spilled well into the night.

The new venue promises exquisite cocktails, mind-blowing entertainment and mesmerising surprises around every corner.

Inspiration and decor is drawn from the old world as the notable building is handed a new lease of life.

More than 20 beautifully decorated apartments adorned with rare trinkets and unique artwork will also be available for travellers to rest their weary head after a night of revelling and decadence.

The team invites everyone to join in the unrivalled atmosphere, as they showcase everything from spirited teas, travelling bands & impromptu performances from singing bartenders.

“If rest & recuperation is what you seek; you’ll find it here, no doubt, though we hope you have an appetite for something more.

“At Mrs Blodget’s, opportunity lies round every corner, you have to simply allow your mind to wander.”

Visit the Mrs Blodget’s website here.

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