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Horrible Halloween Histories, 13 creepy stories about Merseyside

6 years ago

By The Guide Liverpool

Horrible Halloween Histories, 13 creepy stories about Merseyside

Liverpool has had its fair share of horrors (and we don’t just mean doing the walk of shame on a Sunday morning)!

The terrifying tales of our city span the centuries and we dared to take a look back through the archives to find out more about our horrible history. From gruesome accidents to tales of revenge and even a few broken hearts, the most haunted people and places deserve a special mention in our Halloween round up. Check out the best scary stories from the places we all know and love, and don’t forget to look over your shoulder the next time you visit…..

Here’s 13 Halloween stories that happened right here in Liverpool….

1 – Take me to Church

You may think that all good Halloween ghost stories are from back in the day but as little as TWO WEEK AGO a young Liverpool lad claims he saw the ghost of an old man leaning on the wall at former church, Alma De Cuba, Seel Street. Too much ceremonial wine perhaps?

2 – Adelphi Hotel – Oh George

Oh George, one of Liverpool’s most famous and beloved ghosts, said to roam the 5th floor at the Adelphi Hotel, crying out from the window for help. If only someone would’ve heard him. He’s become one of the staff at the hotel now. Fresh towels sir?

3 – Nightmare at the Museum

The former Birkenhead Town Hall, now Wirral Museum houses a number of ghosts seen by visitors and staff. Will you hear the feint tune of the piano in the ball room, glasses clinking of the ghost of little Nellie Clarke who was murdered near the town hall in 1925.

4 – MacKenzies Tomb

Sat ready to play his hand in his Rodney Street, granite Tomb, famous Liverpool contractor, William MacKenzie tried to outwit the devil for a lucky streak, unfortunately he lost. Now his sweeping figure is often seen and heard wandering the Georgian Quarter (especially at Halloween) as his soul searches for a final resting place.

5 – Quarry Street Station, The Sarge

The night watch at Woolton’s old Ambulance Station is carried out by a shadowy figure said to be that of a former Policeman who was killed on the site. He’s turned into a right reprobate now, smashing windows and chucking things about! Lock him up!

6 – 241 Spirits at The Lisbon

Whether its camera trickery or maybe one too many JD and coke, there seems to be a few too many convincing ghost stories about The Lisbon, Victoria Street to think its just the ale talking. Faces in photos, glasses ‘falling’ off tables and voices in the empty toilets is enough to give us the creeps.

7 – Step back in time on Bold Street

This one is creepy but also really interesting. A number of people have reported stepping back in time when crossing Bold Street. How random? One man said he was temporarily transported back to 1950’s Liverpool and feared he would never make it back. Kinda want to try it, don’t you?

8 – Penny Lane Poltergeist

It’s in your ears and in your eyes down Penny Lane as a number of Poltergeist experiences have been seen and heard over the years. Footsteps, flying objects, loud noises in the middle of the night and doors slamming loudly are more than enough to convince us this is one haunted road!

9 – Newsham Park Asylum

We’ve seen and heard the haunting of Newsham Park Asylum for ourselves and its definitely not for the faint hearted. The former hospital, orphanage and mental asylum has been the site of man gruesome tales and now its ghosts are out to play. Have you braved the tour like our Jay and Mark?

10 – The Head(less) of Steam

Former Lime Street pub (now JD Wetherspoons) The Head of Steam was the scene of some paranormal activity just a few years ago as customers reported the feeling of being followed up and down stairs and glasses would randomly fly off shelves and tables with no explanation. Hold on to your pint lads!

11 – The James Street Soldier

Next time you’re catching the train at James Street station, take a look into the crowd and see if you can spot the forgotten army soldier who is said to walk, silently among the platform crowds before disappearing.

12 – End of the Runway for Thomas Campbell Black

Thomas Campbell Black reportedly died in an accident on the runway at the old Liverpool Airport back in 1936 and his figure is said to roam the area and surrounding hangar buildings to this day. Lost luggage maybe?

13 – Enter The Slaughterhouse, if you dare

The oldest pub in Liverpool wouldn’t be as infamous without a couple of old ghouls propping up the bar! The Slaughterhouse, Fenwick Street is said to be he home of two ghosts that lurk around the basement and ocassionally nip upstairs for a tipple too.

Have you got a ghastly story to tell about our city? Tweet us @TheGuideLpool or drop us a message on Facebook here and we’ll share the best on our socials.



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