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How Jamie Webster went from singing with thousands of Liverpool fans, to singing in front of them


Like most lads from Liverpool, Football and Music were a huge part of Jamie Webster’s life, but the solo star had no idea how his passions were about to collide.

Jamie’s new single Living for Yesterday is out now with more of his trademark witty and instantly relatable lyrics which made him the voice of the terraces and looking to secure his place on the world stage.

“Every kid wants to be a footy player growing up,” says Jamie, 25. “I was no different, but I always liked music and sang. So when I was about 14 and realised football wasn’t happening, I thought, I want to get into music, big time.”

Inspired by working-class heroes, Jamie credits Liam Gallagher as an early influence.

“I was too young for the Brit-Pop thing but Oasis fascinated me. When I read John Lennon was a big influence on Liam, I got into Lennon as well. Liam’s voice just made me want to sing. His presence on stage and how he could hold an audience.”

Like the Gallagher’s, Jamie learnt to sing on the terraces with his beloved Liverpool FC, and his obvious vocal talent didn’t go unnoticed.


“I used to sing loads at the footy. I knew my voice was dead loud but it was a massive confidence boost. People heard me and told me I was decent.” 

It was through LFC and their legendary BOSS nights during the 2012/13 season that Jamie’s journey started to take off. 

“I started doing cover gigs round town for a bit of extra cash,” he explains. “Still writing my own songs but basically singing what people liked. Stuff by The Jam, Oasis, The Coral and Dylan, but BOSS made me quite a popular lad in circles within Liverpool, especially at the match. 

“Some lads found out I play a few tunes and I started doing gigs at the end of games. No one had any idea it was going to take off. We were doing it because we love football and music and wanted to bring it together.”

Jamie has gone from the pubs and clubs of Liverpool to arenas and European Cup Final Fan Parks, weaving in his own songs which have become firm fan favourites.

“The dream for every musician is to have your lyrics define a moment. I saw a banner with my lyrics in Madrid at the European Cup Final in front of 60,000 people. A song I’ve been playing round boozers for years, and you think: “My tune’s been part of the soundtrack for their journey. It’s unbelievable.

“When you’re stood there at a game or a gig with your mates, letting off steam, that’s what it’s all about. That’s what Footy and Music does. It breaks down barriers and borders, it doesn’t discriminate.”

After signing to Modern Sky, Jamie’s first single, Weekend in Paradise reached Nº8 in the iTunes and Nº1 in the Singer-Songwriter charts, streaming over 100,000 times in the first week of release. 

New single, Living For Yesterday is released ahead of a sold-out three date tour in Liverpool, London and Dublin.

“Living For Yesterday is about people who feel they have to play up to a crowd. Half the time it’s not true, and half these people aren’t who they’re pretending to be. Even though some people are like this, we shouldn’t be surprised or blame them too much because they’re a product of their environment.”

Listen to brilliant new single Living for Yesterday here. Follow Jamie Webster on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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