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Jonny Bongo confirms the verdict in the long running Bongo’s Bingo/ Camp and Furnace dispute


Jonny Bongo has confirmed that his long-running legal battle over the name Bongo’s Bingo is over … and he’s won.

A legal case between Jonny and his company Shua Ltd, and Camp & Furnace which used to be the venue for the famous Bongo’s Bingo nights, first went to court in September last year.

Both sides claimed they had the right to use the name for events, but Shua maintained Jonny – whose real name is Jonathan Lacey – and his business partner Josh Burke “conceived and designed” the brand.

In January, the Baltic Triangle venue dropped the name from its planned Camp & Furnace bingo nights while waiting for a court judgement.

Jonny described “that whole saga” as “one of the most stressful things” but has now announced that the case is over.

“The results came in and we won it,” he said, in an announcement to supporters. “We won the lot, everything, every single thing. The truth will set you free.”

He went on to thank all the devoted fans of Bongo’s Bingo, which has gone on to become a global phenomenon since it launched in 2015, for their backing during the legal wrangle.

“Thanks to everyone that had our backs, from the very very start, and all the bingo team for sticking with me and my co-creator Josh Burke. We did it … mad!”

Jonny also teased that he may reveal more detail, adding, “I’d love to tell you all the juicy gossip of what went down, but we’ll save that for a motion picture movie coming out in the next couple of years!”

Camp & Furnace is yet to make a statement about the ruling.

Currently on lockdown like the rest of the country, Jonny is taking a break from Bongo’s Bingo nights at new home, Content, and hosting Bongo’s Bingo from the Bungalow, live streaming on social all the usual Bongo’s madness from his living room.

You can watch the live stream here.

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