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Liverpool company releases Nintendo Switch game designed to reduce anxiety in children


If you’re looking for a game to entertain, relax, and calm little ones over Christmas (let’s face it, which parent isn’t) then you may want to check out Chill Panda, on Nintendo Switch.

Chill Panda will be arriving on Nintendo Switch on 14 December, available to download in the UK.

It is downloadable from the Nintendo store. The game is designed to teach children under eight how to manage feelings of anxiety, whilst staying healthy and having lots of fun playing games, puzzles and calming activities.

Originally created as a relax-to-win mobile games app, (the app is on the NHS’ recommended app store), the new Switch version has lots of exclusive new features and playability. Chill Panda lives on the idyllic blossom-filled island of Chillville, where their travels take them from the Chill Zone, to a Play Zone, through a maze, into a farming and home building area, and even to the beach.

Panda meets friends along the way like Wise Panda and Sporty Panda, who each have a lesson to teach. In between riding a scooter, practicing yoga and breathing exercises, completing puzzles and learning distraction techniques, Panda learns about the importance of sharing emotions and talking to loved ones about feelings.

Designed in collaboration with child psychologist, Caroline Belcher, Chill Panda introduces the importance of activity, relaxation and distraction for children learning how to cope with difficult emotions.

Caroline says:

“We noticed that there were lots of games and apps aimed at relaxing and calming adults but nothing for younger children. After a particularly difficult year it’s really important to offer children relatable ways of learning about processing emotions that may be new and difficult for them.”

Wilfie, aged six added:

“I love playing Chill Panda because you get to play lots of games, yoga and puzzles and you meet friends, which makes me happy and being happy makes you feel calm.”

Discover the secrets of Chill Panda’s beautiful island, features and fun.

  • Help Chill Panda manage fear and worry so that nothing can stop Panda from having fun!
  • Fill Chill Panda’s Well of Wellbeing by drinking water and chewing bamboo
  • Earn coins by completing tasks to buy furniture and equipment for Panda’s home and garden
  • Create colourful pictures and decorate Chill Panda’s home
  • Release energy at the beach by surfing the waves or banging on the drums
    * Meet the villagers and help them out by farming and clearing the land.
  • Use your senses to catch fireflies

Find out more about Onteca here and Chill Panda here.

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