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Look at this gingerbread version of the Home Alone house


A gingerbread version of the Home Aone house has been created for the films 30th anniversary and it features Kevin, Harry and Marv, as well as the famous paint cans.

The iconic McCallister Home Alone house has been recreated in gingerbread form to celebrate the film’s 30th anniversary.

The 1.7 metre edible replica even features the Oh-Kay plumbing van used by Wet Bandits Harry and Marv and the Little Nero’s pizza delivery car as well as figures of Kevin, played by Macaulay Culkin, and the two burglars, played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern.

Award-winning artist and cake designer Michelle Wibowo created the incredible design, which took over 300 hours to make.

The gingerbread house was commissioned by Disney + to mark 30 years since the release of the classic Christmas film.

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Wibowo began by studying the architecture and exterior of the family home in the Chicago suburbs, and sketched designs of the different features, before baking the gingerbread and recreating the film’s famous set and best-loved moments.

The scene includes Kevin’s treehouse, complete with tyre swing, the paint cans used in one of the booby traps, an icing figure of Kevin’s neighbour Marley and the statue in the driveway that is continuously knocked over throughout the film.

It includes 63 trees, 33 windows, 14 pizza boxes and six lampposts.

The gingerbread scene will be taken to the Oak Centre for Children and Young People at The Royal Marsden in Surrey where it will go on display for paediatric patients and their loved ones.

Wibowo said: “I jumped at the chance because it is one of my favourite Christmas movies – it doesn’t really feel like Christmas in our house until we have seen it at least twice!

“I had so much fun making it look festive and I loved making those cheeky characters Kevin and burglars Harry and Marv.

“The scene also includes the infamous paint cans, the broken statue and the Christmas wreath on their front door – I hope everyone will enjoy spotting iconic details from the movie!’”

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Luke Bradley-Jones, general manager for Disney+ EMEA, added: “I can’t quite believe Home Alone turns 30 this month but it still makes me laugh as much as the first time I saw it all those years ago.

“This film, along with a whole host of other festive favourites, Hollywood blockbusters and brand new originals are guaranteed to fill you all with festive cheer and we’re looking forward to Disney+ being a firm favourite with everyone this Christmas.”

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