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Lu Ban launches new online service which delivers delicious Chinese cuisine to your door


A brand new delivery service has launched in Liverpool by Lu Ban restaurant which brings delicious Chinese cuisine to your door.

Lu Ban Restaurant has launched a new online service – Lu Ban Kitchen – as the Liverpool restaurant responds to being forced into lockdown for the second time this year.

The online operation will offer a range of its Chinese dishes that will be prepared by Lu Ban executive head chef Dave Critchley and his team, before being shipped to customers across the UK in sustainable food-friendly packaging to heat at home.

The ‘Heat-at-Home’ menu features 12 regional Chinese specialities, each main serves two people and all of the dishes can be stored in the fridge for up to three days. A selection of dishes are also available on the Lu Ban Dim Sum menu, while the website is also home to the popular Lu Ban Cooks flavour sachets.

The Lu Ban Kitchen Menu includes:

Chinese Mushroom and Pak Choi Dumpling
Crisp Kao Pork Belly
Faux Duck and Pancakes
Jasmine Smoked Pork Baby Rib
Jiang Beef
Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken

The menu is also being promoted as an alternative for socially-distanced ‘Christmas parties’ – with the prospect of being joined ‘live’ by the restaurant’s executive chef.

Lu Ban Restaurant, based in the city’s Baltic Triangle, has been working on launching Lu Ban Kitchen since it was forced to close its doors earlier in the year as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Faux Duck

Like many restaurant and hospitality businesses across the UK it has been hard it by the pandemic. Lu Ban Kitchen allows the restaurant to keep functioning as well as providing an income source.

Mark House, managing director of Lu Ban Kitchen and director of Lu Ban Restaurant, said:

“Lu Ban Restaurant was founded for to help restore the skills of Chinese culinary artists and to help people taste authentic Chinese cuisine.

“The restaurant has been winning praise for this and the development of Lu Ban Kitchen means that not only restaurant guests can get their Lu Ban meals, but customers from all over the UK can taste what authentic, healthy Chinese cuisine is really like as the menu can be delivered anywhere in the UK.

Crosby Kao Pork Belly

“We have put a lot of time and effort into the choices on the menu to ensure the same Lu Ban quality can be experienced at home as much as it is when dining at the restaurant.

“Lu Ban Kitchen was always in the plans but has come to fruition much sooner as we shut down for a second time. We are confident that loyal customers will relish the dishes on the ‘heat-to-eat’ menu and we will find a new audience across the country.

“We are also looking at introducing a subscription box service in the future.”

Chinese Mushroom & Pak Choi Dumplings

Dishes on the ‘Heat at Home’ menu start from £10, with a minimum order of £20 plus delivery. Orders over £75 qualify for free delivery. Lu Ban Cooks sachets are £10 plus £2.50 delivery.

A Lu Ban Kitchen ‘party’ including the executive chef is subject to availability and a minimum food spend and needs to be organised direct with Lu Ban Kitchen.

For more information go to and follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook via @lubankitchen.

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