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Maray has launched a new menu and you are going to love it


Don’t worry, Disco Cauliflower hasn’t gone anywhere, but there’s some incredible new dishes at Maray! 

Much loved Liverpool restaurant group Maray is unveiling several new items across their menu this week, ahead of their hotly anticipated Manchester launch this summer.

Longtime Maray fans, cult favourites such as their signature Falafel, Disco Cauliflower, Sweet Potato Wedges and Crispy Fried Chicken remain staples, but these new dishes could also be finding a place in your heart very soon. 


Halloumi with buttered leeks and honey

Highlights from the mezze section include ‘Hot Stuff’, a development of their popular Hot Plate mezze dish, a tongue twisting combo of spicy zhug, harissa, garlic, pickled onion and marinated egg. Another new favourite is Labneh served with fried aubergine, salt baked beetroot and pink peppercorns. 

From the veg and vegan portion of the menu they have introduced a new version of their popular Baked Halloumi, this time served with spiced buttered leeks, honey, dukkah and crispy Kale, alongside Braised Carrots with muhammara, pickled celeriac, orange and tamarind.


Braised carrots with muhammara

Whilst being known for their vegan food, Maray also pride themselves on serving a select few responsibly sourced meat and fish dishes. Taking centre stage on the new menu is Pork Collar with tahini, amba, date syrup and confit garlic, and Mackerel with pea puree, rhubarb and lemon.


Mackerel with pea puree

Executive chef Alex Navarro said of the new items:

“I’m really excited about the new menu items we have created, a focus on the mezze, with what i’m predicting to be a new maray favourite, Hot stuff! All of our fire on one plate with some zingy pickles & our spicy crunchy seed blend. We’ve even managed to get 2 vegetables on one plate, a lovely homemade labneh topped with salted beetroot and fried aubergine.

I’m also very excited for people to try the pork collar as it is one of the most underrated cuts of pork. Starting at the jowl, ending by the shoulder, this underrated cut of pork is both tasty & tender. Pork in the UK is traditionally served with a fruit based sauce (think pork and apple sauce, piccalilli on a ham sandwich).” We’re combining the two by serving our wonderful amba sauce with it, served slightly pink.”


Pork collar amba date syrup and confit garlic

These new items are being served from Wednesday the 8th June across all Maray restaurants, book online via the website here.


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