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Meet the 25 year-old Townhouse regular who enjoys life on the North West Swingers scene


We took you inside the Townhouse, now we meet the regulars

This month, Ladies of Liverpool podcast host, Leanne Campbell, took us behind the doors of Wirral’s Swingers and Fetish club, The Town House. Watch the full video above as Leanne & Jay go on a full tour of the secret venue.

We got an insight on what you can expect to find inside these discrete adult playgrounds, but we wanted to find out, who goes to them too.

*Jennifer is an attractive, 25 year-old who like most singles, signed up to a dating app. After being matched to a guy in his early thirties, she discovered a world she never knew existed, right here, in the north west.

“*Simon explained he was in an open relationship with his girlfriend, *Louise. It wasn’t something I was looking for, but we got talking for a week or so, then traded numbers. Then, he sent a website for this club they went to, and asked if I wanted to meet locally for a drink. It didn’t feel like a date, just a hook up with friends. Then they asked if I felt comfortable moving onto the club.”

Jennifer had never visited a sex club before, but travelled with the couple to an address in Lancashire. Behind a scruffy, shuttered door, she found a plush residence, with a reception desk.


“I was so nervous, but there was a lovely lady who gave us a tour. I was fascinated. This was the kind of stuff you see in Amsterdam, not the north west! There were private rooms, but also rooms with small groups of people enjoying themselves. The lady explained, they had a rule, nobody was naked in the bar area, but you had to dress down to your underwear.

“I went into a changing room, literally thinking, what the hell am I doing? I knew that was the moment; it was either stay or go. Then, this older guy came in, asked if it was my first visit, if I was ok? We got chatting, just normally. Then he said: ‘Have you got new underwear on, by any chance?’

“I was like, oh no. He must’ve been staring at my backside the whole time. So, I asked why, and he said, ‘Because the label’s sticking out of your knickers…’

“That made me laugh. I calmed down, and went to meet Simon and Louise at bar. I’m not one to flaunt myself. I’ve never felt comfortable being naked, not even in past relationships, but there was no judgement, whatsoever. Most people were older than us, probably in their Fifties and Sixties. No one stared. There were couches, a pole, a pool table, it was like walking into a pub.”

The couple explained, it was up to Jennifer whether she wanted to take things further.

“Stood at the bar, they asked if I wanted to play pool? I was like, I’m in a sex club, in my underwear, and they want to play pool? Simon didn’t want it to be too much too soon, because it was my first visit, but that got the night started. 

“We took ourselves off to a private room. I’m straight, but I’ve had a crap time with my last couple of boyfriends. I was more than happy being single, but I was like, I’m not hurting anybody, what’s the harm in trying?

Despite how people may perceive the Swingers scene, Jennifer credits the club with helping her develop a much healthier relationship with herself.

“I’m definitely a much stronger woman now. At first, I thought: I’m the tag-along. I’m the one joining their relationship, but to actually have the power to do what I want, and control it? I feel really good. It’s changed absolutely everything for me. Mentally, as well as sexually.

“I felt very safe, and for anyone who’s body conscious, you’re literally surrounded by men and women of all different shapes, sizes and ages,” she explains. “Everybody’s respected me, nobody’s judged me, everybody follows the rules. It’s been a brilliant experience.”

Since that first visit six weeks ago, Jennifer has returned to the sex club, based in Lancashire

“I’m more than happy to keep going back, and I definitely want to try the Town House. This all happened because a lot of my friends are settled in relationships and have kids, so my social life hit a brick wall,” she says. “I feel like I missed out a lot, wasting time in bad relationships, which is why now, I’m all for going out, and I’m all for going to sex clubs and meeting new people. To me, I’m really not in a hurry to settle down, this is my moment now. There’s a new couple on the horizon. I’ll see how the conversation goes with them…”

All names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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