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Merseyrail reveal 1.7 metre-high globe as part of The World Reimagined initiative


A 1.7-metre-high globe, sponsored by Merseyrail and designed by artist Amy Bourbon, has been placed in The Strand in Bootle as part of The World Reimagined, a ground-breaking art education project.

The World Reimagined is a national initiative to transform how we understand the Transatlantic slave trade of Africans and its impact on all of us.

Merseyrail’s globe is entitled Echoes of the Present and is the sixth step on the overall Journey of Discovery the globes represent. It focuses on how the Transatlantic Slave Trade has present day negative consequences such as systemic inequalities and injustice and entrenched racism and prejudices. It also looks at generational echoes of traumatic physical, behavioural, psychological and material consequences.

Merseyrail - The World Reimagined

Jane English, Deputy Managing Director of Merseyrail, said:

“It was inspiring to hear at the launch of the initiative from Steve Rotherham, the Metro Mayor, not only about how the Liverpool City Region is confronting its past role in the transatlantic slave trade, but how it is also embracing being a culturally diverse region, valuing difference and how this makes our region socially much richer. 

“Merseyrail is proud to support one of the globes and encourages everyone to have a look and understand just why The World Reimagined is such an important initiative.”

Video of the new installation can be viewed on Twitter here or Instagram here.

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