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Merseyside Police are taking part in a national week of action against Knife Crime


This week (16th September to 22nd September) Merseyside Police is taking part in a national week of action to publically demonstrate the work we are doing to tackle knife crime and to ask for your help in sharing important messages and having conversations with those most at risk.

As part of Operation Target – which was launched on 1st July – Merseyside Police pledged to tackle serious and violent crime, including knife crime across the whole of Merseyside.

Between launch date and 29th August alone we arrested a total of 49 people for possession of knife blade/sharply pointed object.

Of that number we have charged or postal charged 21 people. A further 19 are awaiting a charging decision and 2 have been released on police bail.

Arrests, seizures and recoveries are being made on a daily basis, but by taking part in Operation Sceptre – the national week of action-  means that Merseyside Police can continue to publically show an ongoing commitment to the problem of knife crime.

A similar week took place earlier this year and we found out more with Chief Inspector Andy Creer.

During this week you may see police carrying out stop searches, open land searches and weapon sweeps or see knife amnesty bins in police stations.

You may even spot high visibility patrols using knife arches or wands at key times in busy locations or see our officers linking in with door-staff and licensed premises.

Chief Inspector Andy Creer said: “Operation Sceptre gives us the chance to stand alongside the other 42 national police forces taking part to show our commitment to tackling knife crime.

“Operation Target is our local response to what is a national issue. It is pleasing to see that we are already seeing the positive results of our ongoing disruption activity.

“Over 20 people have already been charged with knife possession and we have carried out hundreds of land searches, stop searches and weapon recoveries.

“We will continue to push the message that carrying a knife is not acceptable and people put themselves at risk when they choose to carry a weapon.

“I would ask that the public continues to support us by spreading the message and making carrying a knife socially unacceptable.

“If you know someone is carrying a knife then speak to us or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 and help us to finally stamp out this problem.”

For more about Merseyside Police head to the website here.

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