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Mums can visit Knowsley Safari for free this weekend

1 year ago

Mums can visit Knowsley Safari for free this weekend

Knowsley Safari is celebrating mums – and everything they do for us – by giving them free entry this Saturday 18th March and Mothering Sunday (19th March).  

This weekend, visitors to Knowsley Safari can treat their mum – and those who are like a mum – to a jam-packed day of fun at the UK’s longest Safari Drive and Foot Safari.

It’s here they’ll see a whole array of animals including Amur Tiger, giraffe, African lions, white rhino, and Iberian wolves. 

Knowsley Safari

To mark this special occasion, Knowsley Safari has compiled this nine-strong list of facts about the marvellous maternal instincts of some of the species that live there. 

  • After being pregnant for 15 months, giraffe give birth standing up. This means that the new-born calf will fall from a height of around six feet – which is also their height at birth – and they can walk within their first hour. 
  • Baboons tend to give birth every other year and usually have one baby each time. They share a special bond, and the mother carries her infant until its able to ride on her back at around six weeks old. 
  • Rhino mothers – like Knowsley’s very own Meru, who recently gave birth to calf Amara – are very nurturing. After an incredibly long 16-month pregnancy, they raise their calves for around three years, until the young rhinos are old enough to head out on their own. 
  • Lionesses do all the hunting and raise the cubs. Usually, all the lionesses in the pride are related – mothers, daughters, grandmothers and sisters – and many give birth at around the same time. They can have as many as six litters during their lifetime. 
  • Yak tend to give birth to a single calf every other year – usually in June. Mums will find a secluded spot to do so and once born, the pair will re-join the herd.  
Knowsley Safari
  • Rather than finding an isolated place like yak, wildebeest mums give birth to one calf in the centre of the herd, and around 80% percent of females within it give birth within the same two to three weeks, typically every other year. 
  • When baby camels are born – without their humps – mum and baby live apart from the herd for around two weeks. The mother nurses her young for up to 18 months. 
  • Wolf mums are very protective of their young and keep them inside their den, for around eight weeks, until the pups are able to survive outside. 
  • Meerkats give birth in underground burrows to help keep their new-borns safe from predators. They stay there for around a month before they emerge and learn to find food their own – usually under the guidance of an adult from the mob. 

This ‘Very Important Mum’ offer is eligible only on Saturday 18th March and Mothering Sunday (19th March 2023). Tickets must be booked in advance online and are only applicable with alongside full paying adult admission ticket. 

For further information and to book tickets visit the Knowsley Safari website here



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