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New Open Deck night welcomes up-and-coming DJs to Collective Seel Street


You might be starting out playing music, you might be fed up staying in listening to music, but either way, if you DJ or love talking about music, Collective’s Open Deck DJ event is the place you need to be every Monday.

Hosted by the one and only DJ Mark Armstrong, well-known in the industry for his technical and music ability, this Liverpool nightlife aficionado will be guiding the evening through whatever genres appear with his famed enthusiasm and skill.

“I noticed there wasn’t any cross over with people wanting to be a DJ and actually becoming a DJ,” Mark explains. “I’ve put this night on to showcase talent, here in our great city.”


Whether you’re a seasoned vet or fancy playing a Seel Street venue, DJs with any level of experience are welcome to jump behind the decks.

“The event is an Open Mic Night format, structured on a 20-minute DJ set where they can play anything they like,” Mark says. “We make the sets quite short to get as many people on as we can, and work on a first-come-first-served basis to keep it fair. Then, they can spend the rest of the evening socialising with some like-minded music lovers.”

If you’ve never played a set before, the Collective event is the ideal opportunity to gain experience, feedback, or just a pretty great way to spend a Monday night.

“Deck Collective has a really relaxed vibe, music of all genres, and some nice conversation with some like minded people! It’s for anyone who loves music. It’s not just aimed at DJ’s, but anyone who loves to talk about music and wants a great excuse to socialise with people with the same interest,” Mark says. “You can just bring your headphones and music on either flash drive, memory sticks or vinyl.”

The Open Deck event joins Collective’s initiative to build creative communities which nurture future talent in the city, along with Wednesday night’s Open Mic at The Highball Club hosted by Mo Jamil, winner of series six of The Voice UK.

“There’s a lot of DJ’s in the city, some hidden talent that just needs to be in the right place at the right time,” Mark says. “This night being one of them.”

Open Deck Night takes place every Monday 6pm Collective on Seel Street.

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