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No More Kennels are putting a day of fun as they host a “Doggy Easter Egg Hunt”


This Easter No More Kennels Luxury Dog Hotel in Warrington is hosting a “Doggy Easter Egg Hunt”.

Pooches can join the fun just for the day or if they’re already enjoying an overnight stay, they will get involved after breakfast.

Their day will consist of doggy party games such as; chase the bunnies tail, musical sits, sleeping bunnies and seek go find.

No More Kennels

When the Easter Bunny arrives, he will join the dog nannies in the Easter Egg Hunt. The “chocolate eggs” are made from carob and are safe for dogs to eat.

As well as the special doggy Easter eggs, there will be special doggy Easter treats made for the dogs.

These will be up of contain:

Chickpea flour

100% natural peanut butter 



Organic coconut 


Milk yogurt powder 

Maize flour

Tapioca starch 

100 % natural food colouring

Once the Easter bunny leaves, the puppies can have a nap as their little bellies will be full and they will be all Pawtied out! The team will then read them the story of Easter.

No More Kennels

Although it’s a great day for spoilt doggos, it’s also an opportunity to raise money for a wonderful charity – Care for the Paw.

Sometimes, for many different reasons, people find themselves without a home to live in. When this happens, some people live on the streets until they can find a new home, and a lot of times, they have their pet dog with them.

No More Kennels

While the dogs and their homeless owners are living on the streets, they can struggle to feed themselves and to feed their dogs. Happily, there are lots of places which provide food for the owners, but sadly, not for the dogs.

Care For The Paw’s aim is to support dogs who may be in this situation, and provide food, water, bowls, collars, leads, bedding, toys and treats – in fact, any dog related items that are easy for the owners to carry.

Very importantly, if any of the dogs are not very well, there are qualified Vets who come out on the streets to look at any dogs, and if the dog needs medicine, they can supply this. From time to time, dogs may need to have an operation, so this can arranged for them, and they can visit the Vet Surgery to have their operation.

Please remember, chocolate is toxic to dogs, so avoid feeding them any this Easter! If your dog has eaten chocolate please seek veterinary treatment immediately.

Find out more about No More Kennels here and Care For The Paw here.

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