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Review: Last Night a DJ Saved My Life – “It’s all about the fun”

8 years ago

By The Guide Liverpool

Review: Last Night a DJ Saved My Life – “It’s all about the fun”

By Dale Roberts
Ok, so I will be honest here.. I went to see this show after a long hard day.. I rushed into the great Ma Edgerton’s for a signature Pizza for dinner and then I rushed in to the Empire to find my seat.
What greeted me was a DJ. Yes. A DJ who started singing all the old disco songs that we all secretly love. He started with the usual bravado, getting the audience warmed up and generally having a bit of banter with everyone. Then the show started, Shane Richie jnr came out and started at what seemed to be a slow pace, then the rest of the cast was introduced. The singing began and I started to think as a writer – I thought “what can I write about this? It doesn’t seem too good so far. The sound is slightlly  loud. The story line is weak.” – These thoughts came to mind one after another.
At which point, David Hasselhoff came out – even the fan boy inside myself was impressed at how such a man was there, playing an Ibiza DJ. He started talking and I was gripped! He was funny, his singing was entertaining to say the least and he knew how to play the audience and get a response from a line. The permanent shouting “We love you David” – While off-putting, only added to an atmosphere of fun that was there while he was on stage.

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life - Review - The Guide Liverpool
Now I must be honest here, the story line – While unique – Wasn’t much to go on. It was that of a group of people going to Ibiza; A rep (Shane Richie jnr), Security Guard smuggling ecstasy (Barry Bloxham), two party loving divorcees (Emily Penny and Natalie Amanda Gray) and a girl seeking her DJ Father (Stephanie Webber). When they got there they then proceed to dance and sing. Then all of a sudden the security guard wants to introduce pills to the club that Ross (David Hasslehoff) owns, while he tries to sort out the relationship with his daughter and new girlfriend Mandy (Kim Tiddy). What then ensues is a small amount of chaos, good music and a bit of romance.

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life - Review - The Guide Liverpool
If I had to give special mentions to any of the cast I would have to say that Jose steals the show. Tam Ryan who plays Jose brings what is much needed to the show. He came across as a natural born comic, with perfect timing and delivery – When he started his juggling act the show really came alive. It became fun. Every scene that he was in brought comedy and laughter – Making the writers intentions clear that this was all just a bit of fun.

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life - Review - The Guide Liverpool
Throughout the first act this was unseen by myself. I had a serious head on. When asked at the interval what I thought I just said “Its really cheesy so far” – But little did I know so much more cheese was to come, but what great cheese it was!
The next act started with Hasslehoff singing the Baywatch theme tune, and this set the bar! Not long after he accidentally took a pill he shouldn’t have and went into what I can only describe as the weirdest scene I have seen so far in theatre. At this point I just stopped caring any more. This is all about the fun!

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life - Review - The Guide Liverpool
Stephanie Webber brings glamour and class to the stage, Hasslehoff brings the much needed buzz needed to maintain the fun, Tam Ryan brings the humour and Emily Penny and Natalie Amanda Gray bring the balance of great vocals and fun to the performance. The scenery was made impressive by the big screens and the costumes were fun and elegant. All in all, while it wasn’t the greatest show I have ever seen by a long shot – It was exactly what was needed after a long day to get myself into fun mode and leave with a smile on my face – Which let’s be honest, is the only reason we go to the theatre in the first place.

7 out of 10.




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