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Speedo Mick arrives back on home soil after his 2,500 mile mission


Speedo Mick, who’s real name is Michael Cullen said the support he received along the way had been ‘phenomenal’.

Speedo Mick is back after walking 2,500 miles wearing a pair of Speedos saying he was ready to “lie down for about three months” as he was welcomed home.

Everton fan Michael Cullen, now more commonly known as Speedo Mick, celebrating his 57th birthday on Friday by crossing a finish line at Liverpool’s Pier Head at the end of his Giving Back Tour, which has seen him walk across the UK and Ireland in snow, wind and rain, wearing only his swimming trunks.

After he was greeted by former Everton player Ian Snodin and cheering supporters, he said: “I honestly don’t think I’d have been able to carry on much longer.

“My body’s just saying ‘go and have a lie down for about three months’.

“All the encouragement and the support I have received along the way has been carrying me on because I think I would have gone home about three months ago, I was knackered after the first month of walking.”

Speedo Mick

The five-month trek has raised almost £180,000 for charities which support homelessness, mental health and disadvantaged young people.

Mr Cullen said the support he received along the way had been “phenomenal”.

He added: “I was amazed that a lot of people, even in the Outer Hebrides, have heard about my exploits in my knickers!”

Former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher also showed his support, joining Mr Cullen for a stretch of the walk earlier on Friday.

Speaking of his own struggles with mental health, the fundraiser said: “This is amazing for me because I’m always intrinsically linked to the lost soul I was over 19 years ago.

“That feeling is always there with me so I stay grateful for my life.

Speedo Mick

“I just love my life, I’m living my best life now.”

He said he would be spending Christmas with his family, including his wife and grandchildren who he had been apart from while on his travels.

Mr Cullen said he had no plans for further challenges in the future and hoped to focus on setting up projects with the SpeedoMick Foundation, but added: “You never know, because the knickers call me.”

Donate to Speedo Mick’s appeal HERE.

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