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St. Patrick’s Day: 10 reasons why Liverpool LOVES the Irish


St. Patrick’s Day in Liverpool is always huge, the Guinness flows none-stop, the live music is the best this side of Belfast and the party goes on right through the night.

Scouse Bird Blogs, Steph Johnson takes a look at why us Scousers adore our Irish neighbours so much

In Liverpool we consider ourselves to be less English and more like an extension of the Emerald Isle so it’s no surprise that for Paddy’s Day we go hard. Here are 10 reasons why Liverpool LOVES the Irish.

1.I took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that Irish bitch. Most people in Liverpool have a significant amount of Irish DNA. You only have to go back 2 generations, possibly 3 and you’ll find AT LEAST one Irish grandparent. The English have a habit of being arseholes and during the ‘potato famine’ in Ireland, Liverpool welcomed our Irish brethren with open arms and so quite a lot of us are at least in part, Irish.

2.On the subject of the English… Liverpool doesn’t really identify as being part of England. We quite fancy ourselves as a republic and if it came to a fight, we’d deffo team up with the ROI to take on England, and we’d probably win. We both have a disdain for the English shall we say.

3.The feeling’s mutual as well: Scousers and Irish, kind of hated by the English but absolutely adored by Americans. We’ll take it.

4.We both love the EU and over here we’re super jealous of our friends over in Eire for the simple fact that they’re still part of it and have those jazzy burgundy passports. If it weren’t for the EU Liverpool would be nothing.

5.We both have a history of sticking up for the underdog because we have both been and sometimes still are the underdog. You’ll find no one with more compassion than Scousers and the Irish.

6.Because we’ve been treated as an underdog so often, we’re both kind of rebels. The government tells us to do one thing and we’ll do another. Society tells us to be a certain way and we tell them to kiss our hoop or indeed póg mo thóin (Pogue Mahone)

7.Speaking of Pogue Mahone, that famous Irish bar in Liverpool, we all love a good party/hooly. You name the time, the date (it doesn’t even have to be the 17th of March tbh) and we’ll be down for the craic.

8.We both tend to sing rebel songs when we’re drunk.

9.We have a homing radar for Irish bars no matter where we are in the world and wouldn’t be seen dead in an English bar. The Red Lion in Benidorm? No thanks hun, you keep your £2 full English and your Arsenal tattoos.

10.And finally, good luck finding Scousers celebrating St Georges Day, we don’t recognise it soz. Paddy’s day, all the way! Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit.

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