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The Beehive Juice Bar gets set to relaunch on Smithdown Road


The Beehive Juice Bar has been delivering fresh, healthy food in the heart of a key student area in Liverpool for the past two years.

It opened right before the pivotal time of the first lockdown, and is planning a relaunch now that the
local community has fully reopened, on 30 April.

Its mission is to create healthier communities by connecting people to affordable real food, whilst raising awareness on the importance of bees.

To celebrate its journey throughout lockdown, owner Sam Thomas is planning a grand opening with a live DJ set with one of Liverpool’s most popular DJs, Rob Mcpartland.

As part of its relaunch, The BeeHive is now also serving ‘ready to go’ cocktails, using key ingredients found in its most popular juices.

The Beehive Juice Bar

On Saturday 30 April, Beehive Juice Bar Team will be welcoming customers in, handing out  giveaways, making up juices and sharing its delicious cocktails including its signature cocktail, ‘The Bee’s Knees’.

The Beehive Juice Bar

It’s an open door event, starting at 12pm – 266A Smithdown Road. Customers are invited to join in the fun and experience The Beehive Juice Bar.

When you visit, you can see its quirky indoor beehive where you can see the bees making honey right in front of you.

The Beehive Juice Bar

You can even learn about how honey bees benefit our community and the benefits of juice cleansing. Customers can also just pop along for some to tunes, great company and delicious drinks.

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