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The Guide Liverpool’s BIG Christmas Song Quiz


Classic Christmas tunes are everywhere from about mid-November onwards and they give us the soundtrack of our Christmases every year. But even though they’re around more than Santa, how well do we really know the lyrics to the biggest festive hits?

Have a go at our Big Christmas Song Quiz and find out if you know your Jolly Holly from your Last Christmas, or if you’ve just been getting the words wrong all these years …

  1. In the Fairytale of New York, what odds did Shane McGowan’s bet come in at?
  1. 10/1
  2. 8/1
  3. 18/1
  1. Where does Mariah Carey not need to hang her stocking in All I Want for Christmas?
  1. Above the fireplace
  2. Upon the fireplace
  3. Over the fireplace
  1. What do George Michael’s friends have in Last Christmas?
  1. Tired eyes
  2. Hearts of ice
  3. Endless lies
  1. What is Roy Wood doing in the park in Wizzard’s I Wish It Could be Christmas Every Day?
  1. Playing
  2. Skating
  3. Walking
  1. The fairies do something for Santa in Merry Xmas Everybody by Slade, what is it?
  2. Polish his sleigh
  3. Keep him sober
  4. Feed his reindeer
  1. What colour were the decorations on Elvis’s tree in Blue Christmas?
  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Gold
  1. In Baby It’s Cold Outside, what will her mother do?
  1. Pace the floor
  2. Start to worry
  3. Watch the door
  1. What do they do after eating pumpkin pie in Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree?
  1. Some dancing
  2. Some romancing
  3. Some caroling
  1. Even though it’s not like Christmas at all, what are they doing in Christmas Baby Please Come Home?
  2. Singing Deck the Halls
  3. Watching snowflakes fall
  4. Having a ball
  1. As well as the park, where is there a tree in It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas?
  1. The Plaza hotel
  2. The Grand hotel
  3. The Ritz hotel
  1. What colour was the 54 convertible Kylie hoped would get slipped under her tree in Santa Baby?
  1. Bright blue
  2. Pale blue
  3. Light blue
  1. Elton John is sending something to you in Step Into Christmas, what is it?
  1. Christmas card
  2. Christmas song
  3. Christmas wish
  1. Who’s waiting a home for Jona Lewie in Stop the Cavalry?
  1. Sarah Hadley
  2. Mary Bradley
  3. Lizzie Radley
  1. What’s wrong with Les Gray from Mud’s Christmas tree in Lonely This Christmas?
  1. It’s broken
  2. It’s bare
  3. It’s unlit
  1. You better not do what because Santa Claus is Coming To Town?
  1. Shout
  2. Watch out
  3. Pout
  1. How many more nights of sleeping on her own does Leona Lewis have in One More Sleep?
  1. Three
  2. Five
  3. One
  1. Where did mommy tickle Santa in I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus?
  1. Underneath the mistletoe
  2. Underneath his beard
  3. Underneath the stars above
  1. In Paul McCartney’s Wonderful Christmastime, what does he want us to do with our glass?
  1. Lift it
  2. Raise it
  3. Fill it
  1. What is Michael Buble having a cup of in Holly Jolly Christmas?
  1. Beer
  2. Cheer
  3. Kindness
  1. What does Tony Mortimer kiss while she’s sleeping in East 17’s Stay Another Day?
  1. Hand
  2. Lips
  3. Face

Answers: 1. c)   2. b)  3. a)  4. b)  5. b)  6. a)  7. b)  8. c)  9. a)  10. b)  11. c)  12. a)  13. b)  14. c)  15. c)  16. b)  17. b)  18. a)  19. b)  20. c)


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