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The ice Jet Ride is returning to this year’s Liverpool Ice Festival


The breath-taking, award-winning Ice Jet ride, which is the only one in the UK, is returning to Liverpool Ice Festival this year, to give thrill-seekers the ride of their lives at the iconic Pier Head.

Traveling at white-knuckle speeds of up to 80mph, riders in the two-seater sled cars will experience the incredibly fast twisting thrills of a bobsleigh racing on an ice track, all complete with realistic sounds, snow effects and £20,000 worth of state of the art lighting.

Transported to Liverpool on four trailers and accompanied by a six-man team, the huge ride will take three days to set up ready for its return to the Pier Head site.

Accompanying the world famous ice jet will be the much loved outdoor ice rink and ice slide, more rides and games for all ages, delicious pop-up food and drink stalls and Liverpool’s biggest traditional Christmas market, with the festivities running from November 10th to January 6th 2019.

Richard Elmer, CEO of Ice Box, said bringing the Ice Jet ride back to Liverpool was a major win for Ice Festival, and that customers will be excited for its return. He commented, “Ice Jet was such a hit last year in Liverpool that we had to bring it back. It’s a very sought-after ride, there are only three in the world and we’ve worked really hard to secure a deal to return it to Ice Festival this year from Germany”

“There’s nothing quite like it, it’s got a unique lighting system, it’s fully designed around an ice theme, and when you’re in the cars going at top speed it’s like you’re on a real bobsleigh run because it gives you that experience of banking.

“It’s also got its own voice box, a sound system including sound effects, and there’s a snow machine which blows snow up into the central roof so when you’re going round the outside you get the effect that it’s snowing over you.”

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