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This shop has barred a Tory MP for life for voting against the extension of free school meals


The owner of a running shop has banned a Tory MP for life for “voting to starve children”.

Ian Bailey, owner of The Runners Centre in Lancaster, Lancashire, has barred local MP David Morris after he voted not to extend free school meals over half term.

“I don’t want his business and I don’t want any other Tory MP’s business or any politician who voted against feeding the neediest,” the 58-year-old told the PA news agency.

“Everybody’s suffering with this pandemic… for the Government to vote against a basic principle of feeding minors is just so far below the belt.”

The shop owner has placed a poster on the door to his shop window which reads: “David Morris MP is barred from entering this store for voting to starve children.

“Thatcher starved the miners… Morris starving the minors.”

Mr Bailey said he does not think Mr Morris has visited his shop before, adding: “I know that he does run but he’s never patronised his local business.”

The shop owner also plans to gift £500 of his own money to a local food bank and will be calling on Mr Morris to match the donation.

“I can ill afford it. I run my own business and things are challenging but I’m putting my money where my mouth is,” he added.

“The money we would have spent on holiday but we’re going to give to the food bank and make sure those less fortunate are going to be looked after.”

Mr Bailey said the issue is important to him as he often works at a local homeless shelter, regularly seeing people with “a genuine need to be taken care of by society”.

Last week Chancellor Rishi Sunak and three other Conservative MPs were banned from The Mill pub in Stokesley, North Yorkshire, over their vote against extending free school meals.

Mr Bailey said he would encourage other business owners who felt passionate to use the same form of protest against their local MPs.

“We’re all in this together,” he said.

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