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Unity Theatre launches new ‘Creative’pool’ talent development programme



Liverpool’s popular Unity Theatre has launched a new talent development programme that will provide more than 200 artists with the training, skills and resources they need to build a sustainable career in the arts.

And its business development manager, Rachael Welsh, says the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Creative’pool will, she says, support creators from all backgrounds and produce the next wave of Mersey-based artists who can share their talents with the city – and the world.

“We found out we had got the funding from the Esme Fairburn Foundation just as lockdown was beginning and it feels more pertinent now than ever,” she says. “At its core it’s about providing artists and creatives with opportunities and the chance to connect, something which has been completely lacking in the last six months.

“Freelancers and artists need to have access to as many income streams as possible and this gives us the chance to fill in some of the gaps and reach as many people as possible.”

And she adds: “This is wonderful news – totally separate from the funds we have just been given by the government to help us stay open – and it’s a beacon of light amid all the chaos.”

The programme will start in January 2021 and offer creative freelancers the ability to develop their practice, and support the next generation of producers to take Liverpool-created stories out of the city and across the UK.

Creative’pool will be developed across four levels.

Level One will give creatives access to free online and in-person masterclasses and workshops, free advice sessions with staff and industry professionals, monthly networking sessions, access to an artist database and hot-desking at the Unity once a month, as well as £5 tickets to its programme.

Level Two will offer space to create, while Level Three provides a more intensive support and training programme for smaller groups of artists and companies looking to self-produce their work.

And Level Four will give someone the chance to work as Unity’s associate producer on an 18-month placement: “So we’re adding a job to the market at just the right time,” says Rachael. 

“Creativity is at the heart of Liverpool, it is packed with talented diverse artists all developing new and exciting work.  Creative’pool will not only allow those in the city to harness their talent, it will allow them to use it to create a career, and take it out to the rest of the world.”

Visit the Unity Theatre website here to find out more.

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