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Unity Theatre launches ‘What Now?’ video series to showcase Liverpool’s theatre community



Unity Theatre has used its empty auditorium to put the spotlight on 15 creatives, finding out about their lockdown experience and how they believe Liverpool’s theatre community can come back stronger.

Performers, writers, playwrights and producers from across Liverpool reveal how freelancing in a pandemic has been for them, and they look forward towards the future and how they’ll fit into it. 

“Artists featured, like the many we work alongside each year, reflect the breadth of creativity, character and talent of both the city and its people,” explains Unity business development manager Rachael Welsh.

“The industry is made up of 70% freelancers and we felt their stories throughout this time weren’t being told when actually they’re the backbone of the venues.”

Rachael says the message from audiences has been that they passionately want the industry to survive. But what about those working in it?

“This was our opportunity to talk to them and to really learn about what they think a future could look like for the arts in Liverpool,” says Rachael. 

“As hopeful as we are, we’re also open to the possibility of change, to make the industry more diverse, accessible and representative of all of the people working in the city. Lockdown has been a chance for us to look at how we can come back in a different, better way.”

The interviews form part of a small series, commissioned to mark Unity’s 40th anniversary, showing the theatre’s wholehearted commitment to creative people.

So, as a final question, the artists were all asked about the word unity …

“It’s a word that’s used everywhere, especially during lockdown, so it was interesting to see what they felt it meant to them in a time where it was really needed,” adds Rachael.

“All 15 used the same phrase – togetherness. We want to build from that and try to make an industry for them that feels more collective and more together.”

Find out more about the ‘What Now?’ series and watch all videos here.

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