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We need to talk about Knife Crime in Liverpool

6 years ago

We need to talk about Knife Crime in Liverpool

We need to talk about Knife Crime in Liverpool

You know we are normally here to simply talk about where to eat in the city, maybe where to take the kids for a fun day out or what you need to see in the theatre, the arena or maybe what you can do at Christmas time. Today though we want to talk about something important, something that needs to be sorted asap.

Over the last few weeks we have all seen some real tragic stories in the echo or on the news, and these tragedies have happened right here in the city we love, the city we are proud of, the city we are trying to grow for the sakes of our kids.

Carrying a knife could land you with a 4 year prison sentence.


14% increase in reported knife crime in the UK.

The latest figures for police recorded offences involving a knife or sharp instrument can be found in Table 9a of the year ending September 2015 statistical bulletin. There were a total of 27,487 offences involving a knife or sharp instrument that were recorded by the police in the year ending September 2015. Of these offences, 188 (less than 1%) were homicides and 27,299 were made up of other selected offences such as attempted murder and threats to kill.

What is knife crime? According to Merseyside Police: Knife crime, is any crime that involves a sharp or bladed instrument, and can include anything from a kitchen knife or piece of glass to a potato peeler or knitting needle.
Knife crime can range from a threat of violence, where someone is carrying a sharp or bladed instrument to someone who receives an injury as a result of a sharp or bladed instrument.
Sam Morris was out celebrating his 21st birthday with his mates, having fun and doing what thousands of us do every single weekend. He said goodbye to his family, his mum and dad and left for what he thought would be a perfect Saturday night out in town. Sam never came home. The reason? The reason is simple we need to get tougher on thugs, scumbags and rats who use weapons, and who carry knives.

Many questions have been asked since, how are these scumbags getting weapons into bars and clubs? Is it the fault of the doormen and women? Is it down to the parents? Should the police be doing more? Is it just a problem with society that we need to accept?
We only wish we had the answers. The biggest question we think though is ‘Why are these weapons being used in the first place?’ This wannabe gangster mentality seems to be taking over and festering in our city like never before. Another big question is ‘Why can’t lads and girls fight like we used to?’ If you need to get into a brawl use your fists like everyone used to, don’t be a shithouse, fight like a real man or don’t try and fight at all.

After the heartbreaking news about Sam, killed on his 21st birthday night out in the city, many took to Twitter and to Facebook. Many asked the questions we have asked above. Many offered support and condolence. Many thousands were completely blown away and shocked by the story.

But then on Saturday night the same thing happened again. This time to a 29 year old lad from Prescot on a night out with his girlfriend. Attacked and killed for no reason at all. A lad with what looked like a huge future ahead of him taken away, a lad who seemed like he was as gentle and as kind as they come, why? For simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Stabbed in the neck and killed. What on earth.

We aren’t willing to just sit back now and let these tragedies pass. If these rats want to go and kill each other, let them but don’t take our lads, or sons and our mates down with you.



Our hearts go out to the friends and families of both Sam and of (INSERT NAME). This must stop. We just wish we had the answers to make it happen.


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