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What does it take to be a proper Scouser?

6 years ago

What does it take to be a proper Scouser?

Liverpool is famous for its sense of humour and warmth and now you can learn to be just like us!

We’ve withstood a shed load of stick from the national press over the years, ripping our accent, our apparent lack of morals and our empty trophy cabinets, but here’s the thing. Year on year our visitor numbers are up, we’re producing and nurturing more incredible home-grown talent than ever before and we continue to make the headlines because frankly, we throw a boss party. So we must be doing something right! Realistically, everyone wants to be a Scouser, and now you can with our handy guide.

Caution: Following this advice could lead to you becoming the soundest, funniest, most talented person in your group of mates and family, you have been warned. 

1 – Humour

Our sense of humour is world famous and Scousers are some of the most quick witted, pi££-taking, natural comedians around. We’re lightning quick with the ones liners and we’ve got a sarky answer for everything, with comedy giants such as Sir Ken Dodd, John Bishop and Lily Savage flying the scouse flag, you’ll always have a laugh here.

2 – A Love of Music

The Guide Liverpool

No matter what the sound, music is in our blood. From the Fab Four to Atomic Kitten, our great city has produced some of the most famous bands and  tracks in the world. Whether you love discovering new music, listening to good old scouse house or like to get down and funky to RNB, you’ve got to have your headphones with you at all times.

3 – Have a Heart

We’re a naturally kind lot, us Scousers. We love to support a good cause with fundraising events taking place every week. You only have to walk through the city streets to see random acts of kindness as we help mums with buggies, pensioners with their bags and our loveable cabbies go the extra mile to give visitors the best start to their first time in the city. We love giving direction and suggestions on where to eat and drink and hey, if you need the shirt off our back, you can have that too.

4 – Family comes First

The bonds between Scouse families are incredibly strong. We protect our own and care for our nans and granddads like the kings and queens they are. There’s always an extra chair at the table if someone drops in and the kettle is always on for a gab. The bank of mum and dad remains open way into adulthood and its cool if you fight with your brothers and sisters, but anyone else dares to upset them, they’ll be answering to you.

5 – Pick a Colour

The Guide Liverpool

Run for the 96

Red or Blue, no one sits on the fence when it comes to footy and it’s very rare anyone switches allegiance with conviction. We’re born into our footballing preference and once that first bib, kit or footie is purchased, a lifetime of singing in the stands, pre-game pints, lucky charms and away game memories awaits. That said, reds and blues come together as one to remember the Hillsborough fans and continue the legacy to support the families to give local kids and people the chance to shine. YNWA.

6 – Dress to Impress

How many times have you heard mates from other cities comment on how glam we are? We dress up for EVERYTHING. Whether you’re heading into work on a Monday morning, sitting round the house or emailing Liverpool Airport to see if you can go through security in your rollers, we like to look good at all times. We look after our clobber and lads and girls alike invest in good quality. You’ll never see a Scouser in dirty trainers, fact.

7 – Have a story to tell


We’re natural born story tellers….and not in a jackanory boring story way. We tell funny, real, engaging stories from our past, from the match, from last week in work when Kirsty went flying off her chair, and we love to learn. We consume information to be able to pass on to other and we definitely love a good debate. Finding common ground to start a conversation with anyone is easy for a Scouser, getting us to shut up, not so much!

What’s the best thing about being a Scouser? You tell us! Drop us a line on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and we’ll share the best on our socials. G’wed, get involved.



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